Got Feedback?

4 Tips for Using Customer Testimonials

Testimonials Using customer testimonials can be a powerful way to build your online reputation. Happy customers that reiterate the benefits of your product or business can go a long way towards converting skeptical browsers into buyers. Focus on testimonials that feature the benefits of your product or service. Consider asking your customers to provide a video […]


2016 is The Year of Reputation Management

Managing Business Reputations In bygone centuries, an individual’s reputation could control social standing, inheritance or whether he or she could secure a suitable spouse. Often, however, it was possible to escape an unsavory or unfairly earned reputation by simply moving to a new location. Businesses in that era found it easier to manage their reputations. […]


Why One Article Matters: Managing Your Online Reputation

If you are looking to do business in the online space, then your reputation must be of the utmost importance. Your first impression is likely not your website. Your potential customers will probably read something about you before they read anything that you have to say about yourself. With that in mind, you should pay […]