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How Gossip and Scandal Affects Your Google Ranking

Last Updated on July 1, 2021 by Bright Past

Is There A Solution to Maintain Your Google Ranking?

Yes, the solution to maintain the Google ranking of any organization is online reputation management. It’s a process of leveraging SEO, PR strategies, and social media management strategies to prevent a brand name from being involved in any scandal or gossip. Even if it’s involved, a reverse SEO plan can be used to suppress the negativity.

Organizations that understand the significance of Google ranking recognize the advantages of optimizing their reputation online. There are online reputation management firms that can lay out a reputation plan and monitor the online activity for brands to ensure their websites stay secure from any online attacks. 

“Trending” Isn’t Always a Positive

Sometimes, the last thing that you want is to be trending on the Internet. When you log on to your social media platforms, the first thing you notice is the trending icon in the corner; gossip abounds, perhaps the most prominent feature of the Internet today. It is an extremely difficult prospect to imagine your entire reputation, both personally and professionally, being ruined by an article callously written about you, with no subjective proof behind the words. You never have a chance to make a new first impression, and in the business and social world, that first impression is the platform that will either launch you or keep you forever grounded to Earth.

Trending In Society Today

A New York Times article highlights exactly how common this issue is now — as opposed to speaking about subjects that are highly important and pertinent to society today. People didn’t look to information about inspiration, about speeches that were given in context to peace, improvement, or acceptance. Instead, people decided that it was far more important to look up the scandal of Caitlyn Jenner, or the death of Cecil the Lion. When given the choice between looking at subjects that are uplifting, or subjects that have to do with drama and the stigma of another person, the population of the Internet will generally always choose the latter. This information is more entertaining and interesting to them, it’s what has made Google Trends such a sought out source of news and information today.

The Current Problem With Internet Reputation

The article from the New York Times is a perfect example of the problem with internet reputation today. It is nearly impossible to pull up a browser page without the headlining news staring at you from the top of the page. This news doesn’t consist of how problems have been solved, who has made strives in the medical world, or the good deeds of powerful people. Instead, it consists of scandal, of death, of mistakes. It’s harder to find an example of charity in the virtual headlines than one would think. If you consider the top, popular stories from the last year, you will realize that this is a problem that is plaguing the internet and the citizens of the world today. People no longer look for the good, the uplifting, and your charitable works — instead, they are far more interested in seeing the scandalous things that you have done. With one simple Google search, a few keystrokes could reveal any and all the mistakes that you have made throughout your entire life. Judgement based on internet information is a problem that most people face today; a problem that there is, thankfully, a solution for.


This solution is BrightPast: a new and upcoming reputation management company that is willing to take the burden of gossip and slander out of your hands, so that you can enjoy your experience online, and reach out to the customers and clients that you deserve, or the step into the social circles that you desire, without the weight of your trending reputation holding you back.

BrightPast offers a resolution to the problem of your internet reputation before it really becomes an issue. As a reputation management company, they take away the stress and worry of tarnishing a reputation that could well influence the outcome of your professional and personal future.

Through professional management and a top notch team that is concerned with your reputation, it is completely possible to erase the worry of your virtual reputation being tarnished. It’s far more important to step into the future with confidence, as opposed to the weight of each decision that you make weighing you down. You can make a difference in the world, and BrightPast can help you do so, by making sure that your influence on the future is never going to be affected by mistakes that you’ve made in the past.

Consider taking the time to check into BrightPast, if only to bring yourself peace of mind. With the weight of worrying about your reputation management out of the way, you will be far more capable of focusing on the tasks that you have at hand. A good internet reputation could be the difference between you booking a job, or clients passing you up. When someone Googles your name, wouldn’t you rather it come up with a clean and sparkling result, as opposed to idle gossip that in no way truly represents the type of person that you are? BrightPast will help you to overcome that boundary so that you are not tied to the ground with the weight of idle gossip. When your name trends on Google for the things that you’ve done, it will be for the things that you have accomplished. BrightPast is here to help you to strive, to achieve, and to do so with a sparkling smile and a good name.