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Do you need something negative removed from Google?​

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For a lot of people, the answer is yes. Fortunately, we have a solution. Using our advanced knowledge of how things rank on Google we can help people remove outdated and unsightly results.

If you’re ready to have that information removed we can help.

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What Is Online Reputation Management?

Online reputation management (ORM) is a specialised field of Internet marketing. It focuses on helping businesses and individuals maintain control of how their brands are perceived online. ORM is most effective as a proactive maintenance strategy. However, it can also be used to mitigate negative media coverage of companies or individuals. Most public relations (PR) firms and publicists consider ORM a must-have service in today’s world. Maintaining an online presence provides businesses and individuals with excellent opportunities. 

online reputation management

It also creates liabilities for brands and public figures. ORM specialists have specific strategies and tactics for mitigating liability risks and doing damage control if a client’s reputation comes under fire.

Whether you own a business or manage an online blog, you need to protect yourself from defamation. Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Trust BrightPast to help you every step of the way.

How Reputation Management Works

Every situation is a little different. A good ORM strategy must be tailored to the client’s needs.

If a company has been receiving negative press, the mitigation strategy could include:

  • Creating new websites or pages to highlight positive things about the company
  • Targeted search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to boost the rankings of positive blogs, news articles, and webpages
  • Content creation, including websites, blog posts, news articles, and press releases
  • Effective branding
  • Strong social media management
  • Networking with other content creators and digital marketing experts to form a comprehensive approach
How Reputation Management Works

BrightPast takes a proactive approach to reputation management. We can prevent corporate crises before they even happen, but if you’ve already found yourself in a bind, don’t despair. We can still help.

Proactive reputation management services work with clients before major PR disasters can occur. They advise brands, build websites, and utilize SEO techniques to ensure that only high-quality, positive content appears in users’ searches. We have a full team of marketers, designers, developers, and PR experts on staff. They can help you create the most effective plan for your brand.

Step 1. Hide the Negative

89% of people doing research on the internet won't ever make it past the first page of their search. The first day we take you on as a client we will go to work suppressing negative content deep into the back pages of Google using our proprietary technology.

Step 2. Promote the Positive

After we have successfully pushed the negative content down the search results, it's important that we promote positive content to take it's place. We will create unique websites, profiles, and press releases that present you or your company in the best way possible.

Step 3. Monitor and Maintain

The work doesn't stop once we have the first or even the second page of Google looking exactly the way you want them to. We work daily to continue to suppress your negative content and to promote your positive content. We monitor your search engine results and alert you instantly of any changes.

Suppress All Types Of Unwanted Urls


You only get one chance to make a first impression. What sort of impression are you making when people research you on Google? It just takes one negative article, review, or photograph to forever miss out on personal or professional opportunities.We have worked with hundreds of doctors, lawyers, executives, and other high net-worth individuals to clean up their Google search results. Let the BrightPast team fix your online reputation.


Over 90% of consumers will research a company online before buying their product or services. It only takes one negative article or bad review to lose a potential customer forever. If you have negative content showing on the first page of Google it could be costing your company millions of dollars in lost revenue. BrightPast has helped hundreds of corporations clean their online reputation and we can help yours too.

Protecting and Repairing Your Online Reputation

Any business owner or public figure who has been in repair mode can tell you that you want to stick with the first of them. Protecting your reputation starts with implementing comprehensive online monitoring solutions, but there’s always more to be done.

As your brand gains recognition, you’ll face greater levels of scrutiny and higher risks. Be prepared for nasty tactics from competitors, poor reviews from disgruntled customers, and negative articles in the media. These unfortunate events all tend to come along with increased success.

We can help you position your company or individual brand with its best foot forward, no matter what the future holds. Call (800) 921-9704 to get in touch with an official BrightPast representative.

Protection Measures

Not every PR disaster starts with a serious scandal. Corporate executives and public figures often hurt their own reputations by posting inappropriate stories, pictures, or comments online. We can assess your current online presence through the eyes of a potential investor, partner, or client. If there’s anything that looks untoward through those eyes, we’ll work to remove it.

Having no online presence is almost as harmful as posting inappropriate content. If you want to build credibility, you need to publish content that relates to you or your company’s area of expertise. That means starting and maintaining blogs, Facebook pages, LinkedIn profiles, and more. Just make sure you keep personal information to a minimum. We can help.

Repair Measures

In an ideal scenario, you will already have some well-performing positive content built up during the protection phase. That content can be used to push negative press off Google’s front page. You’ll need to keep on top of publishing new meaningful, positive content to combat negative press.

If the problem you’re facing relates to customer complaints, it’s not as bad as you might think. Just make a sincere apology. You don’t need to craft an alternative narrative or push your side. It’s more effective to apologize and try to end the situation as quickly as possible so we can begin our repair work.

Modern consumers value honesty. If you or your company are facing negative press due to serious problems, be upfront about them. That gives you control of the narrative. It also helps to improve your brand’s credibility.

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What Makes BrightPast Different? Our Team.

BrightPast is the best online reputation management firm. Period. Our elite team has been on the cutting edge of internet search technologies since the 90’s. We helped build some of the most successful SEO companies, internet marketing firms, and the world’s largest registrar. We’ve invented proprietary technologies that allow us to manage your online reputation faster and more effectively than any of our competition. 

What Makes BrightPast Different?

Brand Management

We’re passionate about helping our clients clean up and maintain their online reputations. BrightPast’s reputation recovery team builds comprehensive solutions to meet their clients’ goals. That includes ongoing brand management.

Our team will work with your existing staff to ensure transparency and accountability. We’ll start by developing an in-depth understanding of your corporate or personal goals. Once we’re on the same page, we’ll create comprehensive solutions for realizing your brand’s strategic marketing goals.

Brand management

Reputation Management Expert

It takes a while to establish credibility and build a solid base of avid supporters. Building a strategic plan to gain brand value can reduce the amount of time it takes to get established.

Working with an ORM expert who specialises in brand management will increase the perceived value of your products or services. It will help you reach target markets and build a reputation as an industry leader. The brand equity you’ll gain from working with an ORM pro can help you stay competitive even in complex markets or tough economic times.

Reputation Management Expert

Keep in mind that brand management is not a one-and-done affair. It requires ongoing dedication. Once your brand has been established, you’ll still need to manage it. Ongoing brand management ensures consistent, positive messaging and positions your company or personal brand in contemporary markets.

Small Business Online Reputation Management

Large, well-established corporations aren’t the only companies that need to maintain a positive online presence. If anything, online business reputation management is even more important for small businesses. We know that small business owners don’t have the same kinds of budgets as large corporations. That’s why we offer custom plans tailored to their needs.

If you’re on the fence about hiring an ORM expert, know that it’s always worth the investment. BrightPast offers free consultations and transparent pricing so you’ll always know you’re getting your money’s worth. When it comes to returning on investment (ROI), you can’t do much better.

Our services won’t just help your business avoid disastrous PR situations.

They will also help you build a positive reputation for your company, helping you draw in new customers and beat the competition. Whether you run a well-established local company and you’re looking to expand, or your brand recognition is currently hovering near zero, we can help.

Increasing brand recognition is a lot like mitigating PR problems. It requires a combination of high-quality content creation and SEO optimization. If you can establish your company as an industry leader now, you’ll be in a good position to avoid negative press in the future. Of course, we’ll also be there every step of the way to minimize the chances of PR disasters ever coming up.

Personal Reputation Management

ORM firms don’t just work with businesses. They also work with individual public figures, online personas, and average businessmen trying to get a competitive edge.

At BrightPast, we know how important it is to make a good first impression. That’s true whether you’re competing for the job of your dreams or just trying to overcome past indiscretions. We can help you manage your online reputation to improve your life in the real world.

Just about everyone these days has a smartphone with Internet access. That means anyone can search for people and try to uncover dirt before even meeting them. First impressions are no longer a simple matter of dressing smart and flashing a perfect smile. Your online reputation can make or break that first encounter before it even happens.

There are many ways to approach personal reputation management.

A good ORM strategy will always start by assessing the current online landscape. You can give this a try for yourself. Just search for your name and see what comes up on the first page of Google. Chances are, it isn’t 100% positive.

The good news is, you can control what comes up when someone searches for your name. That’s true no matter who you are. It’s also true that you’ll need the help of an ORM specialist to regain control. If you’re not sure it’s worth the cost, just think of what prospective employers, school admissions counselors, or even potential dates might think. If it doesn’t seem good, you’ll need professional help.

The best place to start is to contact BrightPast for a personal analysis. We’ll determine the extent of the damage to your reputation and come up with a personalized approach to get it back on track.

We work with all kinds of people. Some of our clients are dealing with personal attacks, while others have complex legal histories they’d rather keep on the down-low. We even work with public figures trying to mitigate the effects of damaging news stories. No matter what a search for your name turns up, we can help you fix the problem.

Clean Up Your Online Reputation

As with corporate reputation management, personal reputation management requires a comprehensive mitigation strategy. Once the information has been published on the web, it’s very difficult to have it removed. Instead, you’ll have to work to push those negative search results off page one.

The first results that people find when they search your name should highlight your accomplishments, not your failings. We’ve got an entire arsenal of tools at our disposal to assist our clients with ensuring that this will be the case.

Online security and image are interconnected phenomena. They’re equally important when it comes to ensuring personal success. Don’t let other people take control of your narrative. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and you deserve to be seen in a positive light. Take control over your online image and make sure the rest of the world can see you as you want to be seen.

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