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Executives, Doctors, Lawyers, and other High-Net Individuals are often the victims of negative publicity. It only takes one piece of bad information on the internet to send your career in a downward spiral.


The more success you find in the entertainment industry the harder it becomes to control your image. Celebrities are constantly under a microscope and any piece of bad publicity (even if it’s false) can have a negative impact on your career.


Politicians have to deal with the scrutiny that comes with being in the public eye and the fact that opponents gain a competitive advantage by spreading negative press. The slightest mistake from your past or one false piece of information on the internet can make the difference in your campaign.

Retail and Service Industries

In this digital age it’s more important than ever for businesses to control their online reputation. One bad review can make all the difference in deciding whether someone will purchase your product or services. False reviews from competitors and customers that are impossible to please happen all too often. Let our team get rid of the negative and help boost your sales today.


Why do so many Fortune 500 companies trust BrightPast to manage their online reputation? We get results. Everyone from customers, to stockholders, to potential partners will research your corporation before doing any sort of business with you. Make certain that they are finding the good things and not the bad. One negative piece of press could result in a loss of millions in potential revenue.


Everyone has a different reason for coming to BrightPast for help with their online reputation management, but our results are always the same. It doesn’t matter what your back story is, we can help. Don’t hesitate to contact us. The longer you wait, the more time-consuming and expensive getting rid of your negative Google search results can be. We don’t charge you a dime until we’ve reached our goals, so there is no risk.

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What our clients say

As everyone at Bright Past knows, I’ve had a mix bag of luck when it comes to the media. They’ve been my best friend and a huge reason for my success, but they’ve also turned on me a few times. When things went completely out of control last year it became more than I could undo with a few smiles and some good PR. I called Bright Past and instantly felt that my situation would be kept confidential and that it was being handled by the right people. It completely blew me away how quickly you were able to change the first page of Google search results. I’ve never in my life been so happy to send out a monthly payment. While I of course hope I don’t have to use you too often in the future, it’s great knowing that you are there when I need you. Thanks for everything.


Entertainment Industry

In 2014 we had a series of negative events happen that were completely out of our control. We submitted countless apologies, rectified the situation, put measures into place to make sure it NEVER happened again, and fired the people within our organization that we held responsible. Even after taking all of those steps we had some bad publicity haunting us on the first page of Google. These news reports were the LAST thing we wanted somebody seeing when they were researching our brand. It was having a quantifiable impact on our sales. After doing everything we could on our own for a full year without any success, we contacted Brightpast to help us fix our online reputation. They were able to accomplish in 2 months what our entire internal marketing team couldn’t in 12 and at 1/10 the cost. If you are thinking about becoming a client of Brightpast don’t hesitate for even a moment.


Senior VP of Marketing | International Fashion Brand

When I reached out to the team at BrightPast I was in a very difficult place. There had been an incident that interrupted the life of myself and my family to the point that we moved across the country to try and escape it. Unfortunately, that solution didn’t work for long. Anytime my wife, myself, or even our kids would meet somebody new we’d worry for the next week about them looking us up and finding out about our past, and they did. We tried several other reputation management companies and nothing worked. We were seriously considering changing our last name but decided to reach out to one more company for help. I’m so thankful we did. BrightPast was able to remove all of the negative publicity in a matter of weeks and has spent the past year helping us show people our REAL story. I honestly can’t fully explain the impact BrightPast had on our lives. You gave us a fresh start. We will never stop working with your team.


Fortune 500 Executive