business reputation repair

How Do You Repair Your Business Reputation After a Disaster?

Serious disasters can have a dramatic negative effect on a company’s reputation. If you’ve recently emerged from a crisis, you’re probably dealing with a ton of negative media coverage. It doesn’t matter whether it’s due to a factory recall or the problematic behavior of one of your company’s top executives. You need to take action […]

Online reputation management tips

Everything You Need to Know About Online Reputation Management Firms

The internet is the cultural and business center of the modern world. Creating and maintaining a positive reputation is what makes companies successful. Even the best curated brands can suffer permanent damage from just a few poor reviews or negative comments on social media. You need to understand the stakes that are involved when it […]

header How Your Online Statistics Can Affect Your Reputation

How Your Online Statistics Can Affect Your Reputation

Nowadays, businesses have to have two personas to keep up in today’s’ world. The two personas they have to keep up with are their online and real life identities. While a real life identity is easy to control, the identity which most practices struggle with is an online identity. In this time and age, online […]