What You Need to Know About Rip Off Report

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

Lying Is “So Natural.”

In virtually every culture in the world, it is understood that lying is bad and telling the truth is good. This understanding is more than a moral or ethical matter. The fabric of our human society rests on truth; i.e., it is “foundational.” Unfortunately, we all have truth problems, and our problem begins in childhood, when our language develops. Vocabulary is added throughout life, but you and I are fully capable of putting a lie together by age 4 and we know it is a lie. The facts are that two-thirds of adults can’t go ten minutes into a conversation without telling that untruth. You and I accept a certain amount of fabrication. What we cannot accept is purposeful attacking prevarication.

Lying Damages People.

Lying can be purposeful or just be so ingrained in our human nature that we cannot differentiate lies from truth. People often lie to enhance their position, to appear in a positive light, elude consequences, dicker for time, avoid hurt, enhance image, etc. In so doing, they injure relationships and potentially destroy the innocent by their actions. Their actions augment stress in relationships when lies are identified. Fortunately, truth has a way of overcoming the separation bred by lying and developing connection with others.

Purposeful Deceit Costs.

Monetary damage resulting from lies costs millions. Lying people may take no responsibility for the consequences of their behavior. Victims of lies are not just potential litigants, but so are we who pay costs related to litigation and judgments based on deception. Liability insurance alone drives up prices for both products and those who present those products to the public. Unfortunately fraud complaints are typically documented for “accidents” where dollars are awarded, but lying affects many other life activities. Lawyers and the aggrieved have suggested civil tort reform and judicial administrative remedies to deal with the problem.

We at BrightPast Are An Answer

To understand what we do, let’s look at a case study. The internet makes it easy to plant a lie and benefit from its result. A number of complaint sites exist.

Ripoff Report Makes Lying Easy.

One such site was developed by Ed Magedson as an Arizona for-profit. It is operated by Xcentric Ventures, LLC. The difficulty for businesses and aggrieved individuals relates to how complaint information gets on the website, how untruths are addressed on the site, and given extended life and availability via the internet. This website allows any person over 14 to enter any complaint (called a “report”) regarding person or company on to the site without verification. The one stipulation is that there must be an account for the complaining individual, basically an unconfirmed email address. Unfortunately, such an address does not confirm identity or verify a complaint’s source is a “natural person” or just a fabrication. By using the website, the complaining user “affirms the veracity” of the complaint information, but the site specifically states that it does not check out the complaint or its authenticity. Google currently indexes over a million of these unverified reports, some likely lies.

Rebuttal for Lies Is Limited.

Targets of complaints can offer rebuttal but must register with the website, essentially becoming a supporter of the site. By registering the aggrieved person or business “agrees” to use Arizona statute and regulation for resolving any disagreement with the original complainant. The website operator disallows removal of any Ripoff Report or correction (even when documented) unless the user pays to use the site’s subscription programs called “Corporate Advocacy and Remediation,” “VIP Arbitration,” and “RipoffReport Verified.” Limited exceptions relate only to arbitration. The website is shielded from some forms of civil liability by a corporate structure that defines its website information as “user-generated content.”

BrightPast Offers Help Using an “Index Control” Strategy.

There are numerous business roadblocks built into such sites as Ripoff Report. Arbitration is possible through the website with subscription requirements, but the process is limited by Arizona law and arbitrators chosen by Ripoff Report. Litigation may be possible under state applicable statute or rule. Internet assistance companies have arisen to deal with these types of problems by limiting some search activity.

BrightPast Overcomes Lies with Its Special Expertise to Minimize Access to Lies.

BrightPast can be your reputation management firm. Complaints arising on such venues as Ripoff Report are problematic for businesses, individual entrepreneurs, and private individuals. You must maintain a good reputation to build your business. BrightPast can help. It is easily accessible. Your contact begins with simply providing name, email address, and phone number at our webpage, https://brightpast.com/. We assure you that your company confidentiality is guaranteed, that your business information will be managed by an experienced team dedicated to your business satisfaction, and that our team uses established special expertise and technology to deal with any negative data on the internet pertaining to your business. We know how to deal with lies. You may rely on our success, because there is no cost to you until our job is done and you will know your costs upfront.

Our Services Are Internet-Based.

Today search engines are a primary information source. A decade ago we at BrightPast recognized the impact of Google and similar search mechanisms. Articles, photos, reviews, commentaries, etc., relating to specific people and their businesses get established on a variety of websites. There is always “good press” and “bad press.” Customers need to find out good things about their company operations. Just one negative result appearing among positive links on a search engine may be sufficient to drive existing or potential customers away. We minimize or eliminate “bad press.” Search engine results can be cleaned up and a company’s “best side” can spring forth in those search results. An array of professional groups (MDs, lawyers, etc.) have used BrightPast to “clean up” Google search results. We make it possible, and without prepayment. You only pay us after results.