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Top Online Reputation Management Tools

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

In the age of social media and reviews, online reputation management is a reality. Negative feedback can have an immediate impact on your brand. Research has shown that 86 percent of the population will think twice about purchasing a service or product from a company that has negative reviews. This means you should be very concerned about how people view your business.

Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management (ORM) acts like a watchdog for a brand or a person to decrease the visibility of damaging reviews and content. This is accomplished through careful monitoring, the use of alerts and positive feedback to push down negative results in the search engines. In some cases, a public relations specialist is needed to get the best results.

The following lists both free and low-cost ORM solutions to help you manage the reputation of your business. These will help you keep track of what people are saying about your brand on social media and around the web.

Go Fish Digital Complaint Search

Go Fish is a tool that provides a deep Google search on 40 websites simultaneously. This allows you to find reviews and track what people are saying about your business. You can use Go Fish as often as you want to stay on top of feedback, which helps you to develop strategies for fighting back against negativity.


This service has been around for nine years, but it is still very relevant for ORM. The free version allows you to do the following:

• Search 330 news and social media sites to see if your product or brand name is available

• Immediately see where your brand is not represented and where someone else has signed up with the name

The focus of KnowEm is to help brands, enterprises and celebrities with their social media experience, especially when it comes to name squatting. The service is also available in a paid version that allows you to secure your brand by signing you up for 300 different sites and social media platforms. The personal plan is $84.95 per month for an individual and $249 per month for a business.

Image Raider

Image theft and misuse is a large problem on the internet. Image Raider is a free tool that helps you to track your images through the Bing, Google and Yandex search engines. When it finds an image that has been used without permission or in a negative way, you can then take action to preserve your brand’s reputation.



This is a paid service that monitors review sites, and you can start with a free trial. The tool will:

• Search for recent reviews of your brand or business on Facebook, Google, Yellow Pages, Foursquare and other networks

• Send you automated notifications through email

• Rank your store locations for evaluation

• Allow you to respond immediately and directly to the feedback it finds about your company

The tool offers analytics to help you understand whether the feedback your brand is receiving is more positive or negative. You can start with a free one-month trial and pay $49 per month afterward. If you want to monitor more than one location, you will have to request it.


As the name implies, ReviewTrackers watches your brand name over 80 websites to help manage the reputation of your business. The tool does the following actions:

• Rounds up all reviews and put them on a dashboard for you

• Sends you email reports

• Tracks the performance of your stores in different locations

• Detects specific patterns in feedback to help you see what your customers are concerned with the most

ReviewTrackers provides you with the intelligence to manage your online reputation, make improvements where needed and increase your profits.


IFTTT, which stands for “If This, Then That,” is a free app that allows you to set up a channel that triggers changes in another channel if certain actions take place. For example, if you like a photo on Facebook, it can be sent to your cloud storage. You can use IFTTT for reputation management in the following ways:

• Use any of the 300 plus supported channels to monitor what is being said about your brand

• Send all Reddit mentions to your Slack channel

• Receive a text message when new items arrive in your feed

The IFTTT app is available for both Android and iOS.

Talkwalker Free Social Search

Talkwalker is a free search tool that lets you do deep searches to manage your brand reputation. When you use Talkwalker, you can:

• Find reviews about your business from the last seven days

• See the articles, posts and tweets about your brand that are generating the most discussion

• Receive coverage of your brand across forums, news, social media and blogs

• Get unlimited searches for real-time reputation management

Talkwalker makes it easy to create alerts. All you need to do is enter the keywords you want to watch and filter by language, type of media and how often they are mentioned. The final step is to add your email address, and then you are done.

Online reputation management is an important part of protecting your brand name. BrightPast offers a quality service to help you promote the positive and give your business the best chance at success.