How to Deal with Anonymous Negative Online Reviews

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

You run a business. You work very hard to be the best. Then, it happens. An anonymous customer posts a negative review of your company. You know this must be dealt with, but you do not know exactly what to do. You know how many consumers use the internet to research products and companies before making purchases, whether it requires a minor or major investment on their part. You need for your online reputation to be clean, clear, and positive so that your company is attractive to consumers. What do you do to handle this negative comment?

Weigh Positive VS Negative

First of all, know that complaints are always a possibility. You make mistakes, even though you take extreme measures to avoid them. You employ people who also make mistakes. Knowing that this is possible, one way to keep your website positive is to counteract the negatives that will occur by encouraging satisfied customers to post positive comments or reviews. IF your positive reviews outweigh the negative ones, your company maintains a positive online reputation. You do not just want positive, though, you want to outshine the competition with sterling customer satisfaction. So, you must deal with the negative. The fact that the comment is anonymous makes it even more difficult to address. You cannot contact this person, you cannot find out any more details than what they shared in the comments they made. So, you must carefully evaluate the complaint, even though you probably have only minimal information.

After you initially discover the negative review, read it carefully, and then leave it alone for awhile. You do not want to act in anger or haste, because your anger, disappointment, or hurt pride will probably inhibit your professionalism. After your initial emotional response subsides, return to the comment and read it again, even more carefully. Think about what could have precipitated the comment. Is it a product with which this customer is dissatisfied? It is a personnel issue, as in poor customer service? Is it a problem than you can correct? Is it an issue that is inherent to your business, but that can be eased with appropriate customer care? Look closely at business practices, products, and personnel to determine if change is needed.

Put Yourself in Customer’s Shoes

Next, think about what it would be like to be this unhappy customer. What would you want from the company? In considering this, do not assume that no wrong was done on the part of your company. It can and will happen, whether intentional or not. If you discover an oversight on the part of anyone in your employ, be prepared to admit it and then address it. In thinking over the problem, also brainstorm all possible conclusions. Then decide how you can most prudently address this issue and customer? Always think like the customer to be certain you are providing the best service and product. What is the most effective solution you can offer? If it is feasible, act upon your conclusion.

Address the Matter

Finally, address the comment or review. Reply to this anonymous consumer, letting them know that you do value them as a customer and be sure to express appreciation for their feedback. Offer a simple explanation of how you addressed their complaint within your organization. Be honest and transparent so the customer can sense your sincerity. Offer them the opportunity to contact you personally if they would like further detail and discussion. This not only gives them the satisfaction that you are seeing them as an important customer but also gives you the chance to ascertain more information about their complaint.

If all of these efforts on your part are ineffective in clearing up the negativity that grows from a complaint like this, you may need to consider professional help. You can employ the services of an online reputation management company. Here at BrightPast, we are confident that we can help you restore and maintain your online reputation that you won’t pay for our services until we have helped you achieve the results you are looking for. After all, your reputation is your business.