How to Remove Outdated Content on Google

Last Updated on April 16, 2021 by Bright Past

Outdated content can be damaging to any business. Bad information including old reviews, past news content, and publications can ruin the image of any person or brand. Unfortunately, such content might be published by a third-party website, where the concerned party may not be able to remove it directly.

While removing such content is not easy, there are some ways it can be pulled down from search engines. Google’s outdated content removal tools help any brand restore its brand reputation. With the content removal tool, the affected party can find outdated content, report it and have it removed by launching an official complaint.
To learn more about the available ways to clean up your internet reputation, keep on reading.

What is Content Removal?

web content removalGoogle content removal simply means get rid of any content that is outdated, irrelevant or that does not represent the current position of your business image.

The best approach is to use the Google outdated content removal tool or as popularly known Google consoles remove outdated content tool.

When using the Google console content removal tools, be sure to use the right one.

  • The Google console content removal tool is meant to remove content by site owners for their own pages that they do not wish to see in search results.
  • The Google console remove outdated content tool is meant to request removal of content from third-party websites

While there are many exploitative removal practices, the Google outdated content removal approach is the best and most recommended.

Outdated Page Removal

To clean up your internet reputation, you have two options. Option one is to remove an outdated page and option two is to clean up changed content from search results. For outdated page removal, there are several exploitative removal practices that can be applied to get the full URL removed.

An outdated page removal may include pulling down an entire page if it contains information that is not relevant to current times or the current position of the brand in question.

Google Console for Page Removal

To remove an entire page, go to the Google search console and select on remove outdated content. Enter the URL to the page that should be removed and click on request removal.
Removals - Google Search Console
The removal request will be sent to Google for review. Since each request is reviewed manually, it may take a few days before an official response is sent. Once a review is made, a response detailing the actions taken by Google will be sent. If the content on the URL is found to be outdated or irrelevant it will be taken down.

Changed Content

The other option is to request to have changed content be removed from third-party sites. In this category, the request may require Google webmaster to remove all URLs with this prefix. In case there is a specific word or phrase that does not stand for the current position of your business, the webmaster will have it either edited or removed.

Changed content includes any misinformation that might have been published about a brand. For instance, a third party may have a misguided list of services you offer, misleading information about the products offered, or misleading news if an event happened long ago.

Google Console Changed Content Removal

From the Google Search Console Remove Outdated content tool, enter the URL of the outdated or changed content to be removed. Click on request removal to have the content removed. Google will review the content and make a decision on whether the request will be completed or not.

Content Removal Confirmation

It is one thing to make a request for content to be removed and an entirely different story for the content to be removed. Once a request to remove outdated content Google images or content is made, Google will take time to review the request first.

There are several responses that a web user can get by requesting to have the URL removed. This depends on why an individual wants to remove outdated content, how long has the content been irrelevant and other factors. It is possible to get a response indicating that request to remove outdated content denied.

In the case of content removal services, it may take between 24 hours and 7 days to get a response. In most cases, a request to clean up your internet reputation will be approved for valid reasons.

Why Choose Brightpast to Remove Unwanted Content?

At Brightpast content removal services, we know the damage a ruined reputation can cause to a business. It takes a single bad review to ruin a multimillion empire built over decades. For this reason, we work hard to help our clients to get outdated URLs removed.

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