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How to Erase Unwanted Results From Google

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Bright Past

Every day Google processes billions of search requests from around the world. By removing negative information from Google, a business or individual greatly increases the chance of ranking high with positive search results.

When negative information is associated with you or your business, the results can be devastating. Some circumstances create Google legal causes for removal and others that fail to meet their legal criteria. Understanding both empowers an individual or business in their efforts to hide Google search results.

Keep reading to discover the key points associated with your ability to update Google results, learn from them, and strengthen your ability to remove Google results while following the Google public removal tool.

How Often Does Google Update Cache?

google searchAs Google indexes pages, both old and new, its Google bots also take a snapshot of each page visited. Google keeps these page shots as a backup in case, for whatever reason, the original page is not available.

Google stores billions of pages from millions of sites as a backup. This massive storage system is referred to as Google Cache.

Depending on the timing of changes to website pages, it’s not easy to predict how to update Google cache. Google Cache refreshes can take between one day and three months. Domains left to expire can have theirs left uncleared for months at a time.

Steps to Remove Unwanted Results from Google

When negative reviews, derogatory remarks, or other content that reflects badly on a person or business appear online, the natural impulse is to remove information from Google as quickly as possible. No one wants negativity associated with their name or brand online, ever.

There are tools and techniques associated with removing these undesirable results from Google by utilizing Google’s public removal tool and by erasing negative comments or content from the internet completely.

Often the first technique is used by online reputation management companies where they remove Google results entirely. This method is best left to the professionals and is best used with a complete understanding of Google webmaster tools.

For those wishing to manage their personal or business results themselves, the second method of surpassing the negative results is worth reviewing.

While there are many, varied ways to bury bad Google search results what follows is how to remove Google results.

search informationA shortlist of effective tools is as follows:

  • Launch a blog and post valuable information regularly
  • Leverage your existing website content through focused optimization
  • Link your valuable content with a wide range of leading websites that are relevant to your topic and featured pages
  • Create new social profiles and engage in a highly visible activity regularly
  • Expand the type of media you create and share paying special attention to videos and podcasts
  • Engage positively and regularly on important websites and forums in your industry
  • Regularly publish important papers sharing expert advice in your industry

By leveraging this list of tools a business or individual can effectively update Google results.

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