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How Do I Remove Fake Information From Google?

Last Updated on June 28, 2021 by Bright Past

The internet has evolved as everyone’s go-to root for all information types. A majority of people rely on search engines like Google to fetch information from the internet. Statistics show nearly 76% of searches on desktop and a whopping 86% of all searches on mobiles are done through Google.

This staggering growth of searches on Google needs proper management to diminish negativity. Otherwise, fake information on Google spread like wildfire, tumbling down personal or business reputation. A lack of proper management can multiply the ramifications and destroy a rock-solid reputation that has taken years to build.

Keep reading to find what exactly fake Google information is and how to remove negative information from the internet.

What is Fake Google Information?

A fake Google information represents a diverse range of misinformation covering anything to everything across all platforms. This information can be found in the form of news articles, hoaxes, stories, created to purposely deceive the readers. This can push political agendas, create confusion, and entirely tarnish an online reputation.

fake news on GoogleThe information overload and lack of understanding of how cyberspace functions by readers have contributed to the multiplication of hoax stories and fake news. Majorly, social media sites play a pivotal role in this soaring up of negative news on the internet, precisely on Google.

To severely deceive the readers, these sources use similar names of trusted websites or web addresses to major news organizations to publish the fake information. Since it creates confusion among readers and destroys a rock-solid reputation, businesses should take necessary steps to remove negative content from Google searches.

Removing this fake information from Google involves the process to get rid of bad search results, remove news articles, and control the search results. Read on to discover them in detail.

How Do I Get Rid of Bad Search Results?

A bad search result can be a defamatory remark, a bad review, or any other negative news article showing up on the first page of SERP. These negative search results can significantly tarnish a business’s reputation. However, people can remove negative news and bypass the bad search results by implementing the proven methods.

Here are two proven methods to get rid of negative search results include:

  • Removal Process: The removal process involves practicing the best ways to remove news articles, hoax stories, negative reviews, or any form of negative content from all the web pages regardless of the ownership of the domains.
  • Suppression Method: The suppression method or also known as reverse SEO is implemented to minimize reputation damage by getting rid of the negative search results appearing on top. This is like fighting fire with the fire only.

The preciseness of the implementation of these two methods largely determines if you can get rid of bad search results and build an unwavering reputation online.

Can a News Article Be Removed?

A majority of the negative news articles bags the first page of SERP. This occurs because of the high domain authority, increased number of click rates, and virality of those content. Nonetheless, there are methods to remove negative news.

Removing the negative news from search results entails the following steps:

  • Convincing the admin of the news sites to remove the article completely.
  • De-indexing the negative news to remove from the search engine result page.
  • Reacting your name from the negative news article.
  • Suppressing the negative news article in search result page two to make it unlikely to be noticed.

It takes constant effort to remove negative news from Google. Everyone needs to attempt the removal with the best strategy to increase its effectiveness.

Can You Control Google Search Results?

Google is ruling the web world with over 92.05% market share. Besides being a reliable place to gather corporate or general information, and product reviews, it’s the brand destination. Hence, controlling the search results on Google is pivotal.

Search engine market stats
Search Engine Market Share Worldwide.
May 2020 – May 2021.

To control the search result and ensure that Google portrays the brand positively, there are a few methods.

These methods include:

  • Register your own domain to provide all the accurate information.
  • Become a content creator to take the primary responsibilities of your brand.
  • Create profiles on social media and manage the social media reputation.
  • Start a wiki either under personal or brand name.
  • Bond with other related communities in your field.
  • Keep an eye on Google search results.

These are the keys to control a search result on Google; however, it requires constant attention and implementation.

How Long Does it Take to Remove Negative News?

The total time it takes to remove negative news articles entirely depends on the domain authority of the site and the date of publication. Generally, news sites hold high domain authority in SERPs, so, even with a customized reputation management strategy, it will take at least three months to a few years to remove it.

Where is the Best Source to Remove Fake Information?

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