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Enterprise Level Reputation Management Solutions

Last Updated on March 9, 2022 by Bright Past

When it comes to any enterprise conducting business either from a physical location or online with a website, Googling your brand or company and seeing negative content can take your breath away. Fortunately, there are enterprise reputation management services available that can suppress and bury the negative content.

Negative content online can make an interested buyer or other investors click right off the page and find the next best one. You don’t want to be next to the best brand or business, you want to be the very best in your marketing space. Therefore, Google suppression services become an invaluable tool for removing negative content.

Keep reading to discover a variety of enterprise-level reputation management solutions that help enterprises and corporations with effective online reputation management.

What is Enterprise Reputation Management?

Enterprise reputation management is a form of online reputation management (ORM). It’s an online management process that involves what is said about a person, brand, or company. A standard ORM strategy may include social media marketing, customer service initiatives, search engine optimization, and public relations.

enterprise reputation managementReputation management for enterprises tends to deal with the larger corporations that have a large number of employees on their payroll. For example, a business with 100 or more employees qualifies as an enterprise. This can range from businesses such as foods and beverages to corporate offices with a large number of employees.

For individuals and smaller companies with a smaller workforce, standard Google suppression services still conduct the same services as each business is classified and based on specific reputation management.

What Are Google Suppression Services?

Google suppression services are much like those of reputation management for enterprises. They are needed because Google tends to only remove content according to Google’s Terms of Use. Meaning, unless you can prove a DMCA removal or copyright infringement, suppressing the negative content is your next option.

You can submit a Google removal request if you have the right information and reasons for the negative content to be removed but if you strike out as most people and businesses do, then you can hire expert Google suppression services like Bright Past and push it down further in the search engine results.

This is a valuable tool that can help to eliminate negative content on the first page results and replace them with positive results about your brand or company. Very seldom will a browser go past page 2 of the search engine results, unless it is a topic or product that isn’t showing them what they are looking for?

Google Suppression Services Examples

Google suppression servicesServices that specialize in Google suppression are also known as online reputation management companies. They deploy a wide range of Google suppression tools for enterprises, businesses, and people needing ORM help. There always doesn’t need to be a crisis either for ORM, prevention and early detection tactics are also included.

Here are a few hypothetical examples of how suppressing negative search results can help enterprises with ORM:

  • Many multi-billion dollar companies suffer bad publications and news stories online, and in some cases, the stories are inaccurate and still get published anyway. News travels fast today, especially with social media accounts that spread to the CEO’s accounts, affecting the bottom line of the company’s revenues.
  • Several financial services also suffer the wrath of negative content and reviews online, leading many potential customers to believe the reviews. This can result in a major loss of sales and income streams, impacting the enterprise’s ability to close deals. Enterprise reputation management is the most effective way to deal with such events.
  • Outdated news stories published online can also tarnish an executive’s reputation. For example, if a CEO has an old business deal gone bad it can be brought up in the search engine results when someone Google’s their name.

Using the examples above, it is easy to see how fast negative content can affect your company and even your personal reputation as the acting CEO of a major corporation. Since the CEO is the face of the business, negative news stories don’t always have to be about the brand as Google can quickly tie the two together in the search results.

How Enterprise-Level ORM Impacts Your Business

ORM for business If you are running an enterprise-level business, your potential customers are most likely going to conduct some type of online research about your brand and company before making a buying decision. They are also almost guaranteed to read your company’s online reviews; therefore, having nothing but positive content is paramount.

Another good feature about suppressing negative search results is the negative content can be pushed down so it’s not showing up on page one of the search results. It’s a known fact that most researchers don’t go past the first page of the search engine results because they typically can find the top results on page one.

Here are some other ways ORM impacts your business:

Customer Reviews

For enterprise-level businesses, customer reviews can be your best friend or worst nightmare. Since most business ratings are based on a best out five-star system, if your company is showing 4.2 to 5-stars, 90% of consumers are more likely to choose your brand or services.

Moreover, when your company is showing less than 4-stars and has several negative reviews, this can seriously impact your online revenue stream. Due to the fact that it will turn off most people from making a purchase. Therefore, expert enterprise reputation management services become the best strategy to deal with this unfortunate situation.

Current and Future Sales

content for salesThere are many ways that negative content can impact your business with current and future sales. When people see negative reviews and old news stories about either the company or executive, they will choose a business that has a good online reputation over yours any day of the week.

Utilizing a professional online reputation management company that knows how to apply the latest applications and Google suppression tools is one of the best ways to repair the damage caused and get you back in the race for current and future sales.

New Applicants and Workforce

A study conducted by CareerBuilder reported that 71% of the US workforce will not apply to businesses undergoing bad news stories and press. This can affect your enterprise’s ability to grow and expand further creating talent shortages and retention problems as it also tends to increase the recruiting costs for most businesses.

If you are like most enterprises, using platforms like CareerBuilder, Indeed, and Monster is the best method of obtaining the right candidate out of the available applicants. Reputation management for enterprises can help to suppress your negative reviews and make your company image a place where people want to work.

When it comes to staying in competition with your top competitors, having negative content can give them the edge in a fierce battle for position and sales, and that is why Google suppression services like Bright Past come highly recommended.

How ORM is Different for Enterprises

ORM for enterprisesOnline reputation management varies depending on the size of a company. While standard ORM is tailored toward small businesses, local reviews, and even personal reputation management, ORM for enterprises is on a different scale due to the level of damages that can occur across millions of readers and potential customers.

Here are a few more examples of how negative online content impacts enterprises:

Negative Content

Negative content for enterprises can quickly escalate into a landslide of slanderous opinions, boycotts, and attacks. One of the worst things that can happen to an enterprise is when a CEO commits an egregious act online and attacks a customer.

The Customer is Always Right

You’ve heard the old saying, “the customer is always right?” You wanna believe an upset customer who had a bad experience with a company executive will take to social media channels and return fire any way they can.

Data Breaches

Data breaches are also another sector where hackers post negative comments from real customer accounts. Enterprise reputation management services can help prevent data breaches from occurring by constantly monitoring your website for cyberattacks.

Therefore, it is always better for enterprises to already have the suppose they need by enlisting expert Google suppression services. Small businesses can recover rather quickly from a few negative reviews but for enterprises, it can last for weeks to months and sometimes years.

Where to Get Expert Enterprise Reputation Management Services?

enterprise reputation management serviceBright Past provides the best enterprise reputation management services for major corporations and executives worldwide. We specialize in CEO online reputation management and enterprise-level businesses that have been affected by negative content posted online as well as social media accounts that have been tarnished.

Suppressing negative search results isn’t an easy task and typically takes a team of highly skilled experts dedicated to your online image and business. To see what Bright Past can do for your enterprise and online reputation, call us today or fill out our contact form for more information and pricing.