Assessing & Measuring Online Reputation

Last Updated on August 15, 2023 by Bright Past

Online reputation management represents the digital image of your organization as it’s seen by all internet users. Factors like consumer forums, social behavior, online reviews, and search engine result visibility all play an important role in determining your online reputation or brand image. 

In earlier days, even if you ignored online reputation, it might not have impacted you the way it does today. Whether you have a rock-solid reputation or no reputation online, it will only take a few negative rumors about your brand to ruin your reputation in just minutes. This is the reason why understanding online reputation management is crucial not only for you but for your business endeavors as well.

Since a few key metrics play a critical role in determining your online reputation, let’s continue to read and discuss those metrics to help you understand how to measure your reputation. 


How Do You Assess & Measure Online Reputation?


Understanding how to measure online reputation is important. Otherwise, you won’t be able to suppress Google search results in case you have a negative reputation online. By understanding how to assess your reputation, not only will you be able to bury negative Google content but also create a strong and positive digital brand.

Since almost everything is done online now, having a good online reputation is paramount, especially with the number of competitors offering similar services or products. One negative review can damage your company’s reputation, and it’s not necessarily your fault as there are many people out there who just love creating havoc.

Here are a few steps to assess and measure your online reputation:

Online Reviews

If you want to know how to suppress Google results when you have negative reviews everywhere, it would be important to understand how these customer reviews work. Customer reviews generally play a major role in consumers’ trust in your brand and your brand’s credibility. 

Reports suggest that almost 93% of customers read the reviews before making a purchase online. Therefore, if you have a lot of negative reviews, chances are that people won’t gain the trust needed to make the purchase. This is the reason why branding with online management services becomes crucial in this case. 


Online Sentiment

Online sentiment is basically a collective attitude of your customers towards your company and it’s entirely based on all the digital conversation. Online sentiment may seem imaginary but it can powerfully impact your brand reputation. It will also influence how other potential customers will perceive your brand even before reaching out. 

This is the reason why personal branding tips from experts such as Bright Past suggest taking good care of online sentiment and keeping your conversation positive while speaking to a customer over online platforms. Otherwise, it may ruin your brand image in just a few days and create hindrances to your business growth. 


Social Presence

In today’s world, customers are using all types of social media platforms. Moreover, it provides an advantage for the customers by being in the right place to engage, talk, and research about the brands. On the contrary, social media platforms also provide an advantage for brands to gain all their benefits by staying positively active. 

If you have not been taking advantage of social media platforms, it’s a good time to leverage them and suppress Google search results to start building a rock-solid digital brand. You can also measure and assess social media metrics to understand how customers are responding to your brand. 


How Do I Professionally Suppress Google Search Results?


If you have already developed a negative online reputation, Bright Past is here to help you suppress Google search results that are hindering your growth. We have the tools and technology to professionally build a rock-solid online presence and help you take advantage of this digital era. 

To know how we bury negative Google content or any other personal branding tips to build your digital presence, contact us today and get professional help to assess and measure your online reputation as well as methods we deploy to bury and suppress your negative content on the world-wide web.