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A Single Photo Can Affect Your Reputation

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

“A picture is worth a thousand words…” This is a phrase we’ve heard hundreds of times in our lives. Unfortunately, a majority of the generation breaking ground into the battlefield for employment has ignored this piece of advice for too long, and they are now learning the consequences. Depending on the type of work you are attempting to take on as your career or just the reputation you’d like to prelude your arrival into the market, a single image can make or break your prominence.

Social media is a great place for employers and figures of authority to begin to form an opinion about you before they even consider a meeting with you.

Potential Employers

Important to realize, different types of employers look for certain traits in their potential hires. One industry may depend largely on professionalism and respectability and may come upon an unflattering, irresponsible picture of a candidate in a bar or at a party taking part in an unapproved activity that could cast shame on the company.

An educator, for example, would need to protect oneself by making sure the images that appear online of themselves are wholesome and respectable. Ones that deem them as responsible individuals so as to make sure any parent or supervisor who happens to see the pictures would not find their behavior questionable and their ability to be a positive influence on a child compromised.

Legal Complications

Furthermore, if an individual is involved in a legal battle, an unbecoming or character damaging image revealed on a simple Google search could compromise the integrity of the person as a witness or other important part of the case. One would not want a picture of his or herself participating in a physically exerting activity if they are involved in a disability case, especially if this case is to determine the ability of an individual to return to work. If the image is seen by the person or company responsible for paying the so-called disabled person, they would be able to argue and possibly overturn the case.

Affecting Your Business

Now that social media and online marketing are so important to companies looking to increase client traffic and marketing, many employers will also keep up with their employees’ presence online and often have new hires sign an agreement to keep up appearances outside of work. If the terms of this agreement are violated and end up causing the company a negative reputation, the employee is often let go. Many companies also scavenge the internet and look for ways to correct harmful reviews and propaganda in an effort to preserve their business.

Cleaning It Up

In any event, once a negative image is released online it is, for the most part, permanent. There are ways to avoid having this happen, but once it does a lot of work is necessary to reverse the effects. Many people and businesses spend great deals of money to hide or remove negative content from the internet, but unfortunately, a majority run out of means to complete the task.

Reputation management is one of the many resources now available to assist in this process. Many  agencies require large down payments and exuberant amounts of money to get your internet presence scrubbed clean.

We don’t ask for money down, and you only pay after your unwanted URL is removed from Google searches will you be asked to compensate for any services provided. This is a site that caters to both the individual and corporations. The agency has developed technologies that enable them to manage their accounts more comprehensively than their rivals and have enough confidence in their product to not request payment until the client is satisfied.