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4 Types of Analytics That Can Help Your Online Reputation

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

In today’s digital world, online reputation management is more important than ever. This makes analytics an important component in a data-driven business strategy. The first step is to identify the most relevant data and ensure that it is being used in the best way to benefit your company. The following explains four types of analytics to consider when you want to help your business thrive and gain revenue.


Feedback from Customers

While it is vital to monitor reviews of your business, it is even more important to pay attention to what customers are actually saying. If specific words and phrases are being used often, this can reveal where your company is succeeding and where it needs to work harder. Using a platform to monitor issues and trends will help to identify problem areas faster. Online reputation management platforms utilize algorithms to process natural language to discover terms that appear consistently on social media and customer reviews. A word cloud is another helpful tool that provides frequently used words and phrases for both positive and negative reviews. These can be sorted by location, date and sentiment.


Thematic Analysis

Online reputation platforms can also place words in categories that are related to your business and find the most positive and negative ones so you can act on them as soon as possible. As an example, if your company is in the healthcare industry, you want to rank with a category like “facilities.” If a category is not scoring as well as you would like, you can click on the word and see reviews to find out why. You can also download reviews for further reading later as you continue to streamline your business practices.


Shifting Sentiment

Customers can change their views about your business over time. This can be either negative or positive and may even be linked to seasonal trends. If your business is seasonal, you will want to know which issues you need to work on and how customers feel about products, depending on the time of year. This is especially important if you are running an auto dealership because brand loyalty can change very quickly. The online reputation platform can run data for customized dates and provide letter grades to let you see how customer sentiment is changing.


Local Trends

When you have a business that operates in several locations, you know that there can be large differences in performance between each one. The analytics provided by an online reputation platform can eliminate the guesswork of which ones are thriving and which ones need more support. You can further refine the results by seeing whether the struggling locations have personnel problems, facility issues or trouble with inventory control. You can then jump in and take immediate action by retraining workers for more efficiency and rewarding those who have brought outstanding value to your business.

In the end, your business is only as good as what people feel and are saying about it. Online reputation matters.

As more business moves to the web, online reputation management will only grow in importance and become a must-use tool to stay ahead of problems. BrightPast understands your needs and is always available to help you analyze your business. Visit the website to explore your options and get started today.