Reverse SEO

The Ultimate Guide

Reverse SEO

Owning a business in today’s digital platforms isn’t easy. It takes constant effort and strategies to monitor and prevent any reputation damage caused by bad reviews left by your customers. After all, as a business, you want people to perceive you as reliable, competent, and authoritative in your industry. 

Although with savvy SEO work and word of mouth, it is possible to make people perceive your brand positively, there are chances of reputation damage when someone leaves a bad review on your site or Google’s business page. Despite all your efforts, everything can be destroyed within a few days if no action is taken. 

We understand that everything can’t be permanently removed from the internet but it’s important to salvage your reputation. This is why Bright Past is here to help you improve your online reputation with the tactics of reverse SEO. 

What Exactly is Reverse SEO?

Reverse SEO is a tactic of reputation management where you take control of how your brand and website will be viewed by the customers. The tactics involve pushing all the negative results down by targeting the right keyword and replacing them with the best content; therefore, hiding bad comments and reviews that can do your business harm. 

Here at Brightpast, we know what it takes to reverse your negative reputation with the help of SEO. Further, we apply the best reverse SEO strategies to help you create a rock-solid reputation online that can further lead to greater sales and ROI. When it comes to implementing a better and unorthodox SEO strategy, this method helps.

What Strategies Do We Apply?

Reverse SEO is only deemed helpful when proper strategies are applied. Therefore, at Brightpast, we craft the best reverse SEO applications combined with the best targeted-SEO keywords and organic search queries to help your brand grow online without any hindrances, making your site rank higher with increased traffic.

We can make an SEO assessment of your website and conduct speed tests as well as look for the places on your page where SEO keywords and reverse SEO methods could be enhanced. We can also use your location for Google Maps and implement them into your SEO management services.

The strategies that we apply at Bright Past include but ar not limited to the following:


Identify the Right Keywords

The first important step of reverse SEO is to find the right keywords for which you want to rank for. The techniques for identifying the right keywords are pretty similar to what we use for getting a website page to rank higher. Therefore, a list of keywords is created and reviewed by our experts before optimizing the negative keywords. 

Optimizing Your Site for Negative Keywords

Once proper keywords are identified that cause your page with negative reviews to rank higher, we create positive content to rank for these keywords. These sites will not be affiliated with any business sites but the only goal is to get the positive content to rank higher than negative content. 


Using the Right SEO Tools

Sometimes, the negative reviews aren’t only left by your customers but also by your competitors to push you down. Therefore, at Bright Past, we use the right SEO tools to have a detailed insight into the SEO structure built for your site. Without the right tools and insights, further steps can’t be taken.


Re-Optimizing the Site

SEO doesn’t work until regular audits and updates are conducted to your site. So, when you find out that your site isn’t ranking higher on SERPs, rather negative search results are occurring when searching for specific keywords, it’s important to re-optimize the site and ensure that it meets all the latest SEO trends. 


Make Sure There Are No Copyright Infringements

This is an area that novice website owners and new posters are unaware of and will impact your website’s ranking. It’s always best to use a plagiarism tool checker to ensure you have not copied other words that are published online, This can happen by writing something word-for-word that someone else wrote.


Ensure Your Content is Well-Written

One of the biggest turn-offs for browsers and potential new customers is to read poorly written content on your website. Make sure you have grammar-correct web content combined with SEO optimization for the best results. It’s no big secret that people will bounce off a website if they do not what they see and go find one more professional.

Since there are many things to consider when applying the best reverse SEO methods, it should be left in the hands of a professional service such as Bright Past.

How Can We Help?

Reverse SEO is the best way to keep your reputation positive online while your competitors try to pull you down. However, it takes the right strategy and expertise that can only help you keep up a rock-solid reputation despite all the negative words. 

If negative reviews have been tarnishing your reputation and you want your audience to perceive you as authoritative, and trustworthy, contact Bright Past immediately. We can craft an effective digital presence for you that further help to grow your business.