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How Do You Repair Your Business Reputation After a Disaster?

Serious disasters can have a dramatic negative effect on a company’s reputation. If you’ve recently emerged from a crisis, you’re probably dealing with a ton of negative media coverage. It doesn’t matter whether it’s due to a factory recall or the problematic behavior of one of your company’s top executives. You need to take action […]

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Who Can Remove a Negative News Article from Google?

Every business wants to build a reputation that is not only rock-solid but won’t begin crumbling when faced with initial signs of impending trouble. Now more than ever consumers have been coaxed to the internet for most of their needs. This has been extremely beneficial in acquiring new growth and sustaining what your business worked […]

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The Proactive Approach to Reputation Management

Many online marketers have talked about the powerful messages sent by Google reviews and brand mentions across social media. With users hunting down ratings, reviews, and scams, businesses need to look at their proactive reputation management plans and see the impact of their reviews firsthand. It’s Time for Proactive Reputation Management Most businesses have had […]