Online reputation management is important

Why is Online Reputation Management Important?

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

When you own and run an online business, reputation is a top priority. A good reputation will open doors for your company and allow it to take advantage of the best opportunities. This includes hiring the right people, lowering market costs and bringing in new clients. People are easily influenced by reputation, and a company that appears to be superior will be more successful than one that seems average or disconnected.

Perception versus Reality

People are often judged by their reputations and personalities as opposed to their characters, which is who they really are. This is the difference between perception and reality. It is no different in the business world. A company’s online reputation management (perception) will always have more influence than its character (reality). A 2016 survey revealed that 74 percent of online users based their purchasing decisions on positive online reviews because they perceived a particular brand to be trustworthy.

Active versus Passive

The web will continue to expand over time, and this means your brand or business will be exposed to even more users who will leave feedback. If you do not pay attention this and take action, you will be the victim of your own passivity. Competitors will use your negative reviews to their own advantage. By carefully curating your reputation early on, your business will continue to grow and you can collect new customers instead of negative comments.


The Benefits of a Good Reputation

When your business has a sterling reputation, your marketing costs decrease. This is because your customers will do most of the work for you through social sharing and word of mouth. In addition, a good reputation can help you to avoid expensive lawsuits and litigation because the person filing the action will realize it is a losing battle. This is crucial for a small business that does not yet have deep pockets.

The Truth About Control

The reputation that you have built with your online business is directly connected to your company’s social media accounts, blog and website. You have full control over these channels but not the rest of the web. Consumers have their own websites and social media accounts that can make an impact, especially if they include video and post reviews. It is important to understand that what people think and how they feel about your brand is only part of the picture. You should also take a broader view that includes your workers, your community and even your competitors. While your brand name influences how your target demographic interacts with your business, your reputation determines how your company impacts everyone else.

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Monitoring Your Business Reputation

When you build a reputation for your business, the focus is on the things you want people to say. Monitoring your reputation means being concerned with what is actually being said. You need to keep a close watch on influential websites and social platforms where people are engaging with others about your brand. This will help you to spot problems quickly and adjust before your reputation is negatively affected.

Maintaining a good reputation is more important than ever in today’s online world. BrightPast has the knowledge and experience to help you monitor what is being said about your company, enabling you to focus on building your brand and running your business.