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Who Can Remove a Negative News Article from Google?

Last Updated on February 11, 2021 by Bright Past

Every business wants to build a reputation that is not only rock-solid but won’t begin crumbling when faced with initial signs of impending trouble. Now more than ever consumers have been coaxed to the internet for most of their needs. This has been extremely beneficial in acquiring new growth and sustaining what your business worked so hard to get accomplished.

The future ultimately depends on your business’s ability to separate itself from false accusations or unsavory publicity in today’s landscape. Reputation management is a service. Simply put, your reputation is everything in today’s business climate; therefore it’s imperative to keep your past as bright as your future.

A reputation management is a service that provides management solutions that eliminate and diminish negative content about your business, protecting your reputation moving forward.

Start the Mitigation Process Immediately

google reputationAt some point you may have looked up a potential prospect, or more recently the name of your company into the google browser bar? Only to be stunned to find a negative news article that presents itself on the first page of the Google search results? If this has happened to you or your business, it’s important to quickly begin the mitigation process.

If you are nervous that a news story will have a damaging impact on your professional life and impact the ability to generate new clients, contact a reputation management company as soon as possible. The various strategies they employ make it possible to successfully eliminate negative news articles that jeopardize the integrity of your business.

Food for thought, the majority of people who initially inquire about any business is done by a quick search on Google in a matter of seconds.

Complete Removal of Negative News Articles

Essentially you have three ways to garner complete omission from negative links that are showing up in search results. Although, when attempting to remove articles with negative implications it may be impossible to completely do this.

Although discouraging, some things are incapable of being fully scrubbed. You can have your negative search results from appearing by using a proven technique known as “search engine suppression.”

And here are three ways in this it works:

1. Comprehensive Removal

Contact the administration of the news site, which approves to fully remove the damaging article, removing from search results entirely. This is the ideal scenario, the best option, and the first step when looking for a quality reputation management company. When removal is fully complete, the article vanishes and any links appear dead when queried.

2. De-Indexing

When this process is complete, the link accompanying the story is completely stopped from appearing in search engine results. De-indexing of a negative news article is an outcome just as effective as a comprehensive removal.

3. Redaction

It’s pretty uncommon for a news site to redact an article. This is more likely to happen in situations without you being the focus of the initial article, and the news article examining the incident ranks extremely high in search results for your business. If you can get a redaction, over time, the link associated with the article will be removed. This doesn’t occur instantly, but will eventually give the desired result.

Suppressing or Pushing Down Negative News Articles on Google

google news articleThe truth is, most news publications will not redact or remove your name from a negative news article. Even though the desired effect wasn’t achieved initially, you have an alternative solution. Strategies to repair the damage caused by a negative news article is suppressing it deeper within the Google search engine.

This proven strategy is an approach used to push down negative search results. The term most commonly associated with this method is known as “search engine suppression.” It involves creating a network of positive web properties to push down the negative article search results. The future searches become buried in a stack of positive results created from these business practices.

In the vast majority of cases, “Suppress it With Google” has proven effective at removing the negative article from the initial page of search results. This method removes detrimental information but also strengthens your business providing search results that paint your business in a positive light.

There are a multitude of strategies and procedures to suppress negative article including the following:

  • Setting up web 2.0 profiles and keeping them updated. There are two key benefits that you can gain. Almost all allow users to link to their bios and profiles. Social media sites also enable their users to post and publish site content to their pages. Each site has its set of users or network, creating profiles on these sites will help you reach a broader audience.
  • Creating a company website that is consistently releasing high quality, optimized content.
  • Publishing press releases on high ranking web properties.

Publishing the multitude of other types of media, like videos, interviews, podcasts.
Optimizing content, you already are associated with, but giving a major overhaul to reflect the changes. This will start the process of directing people to where they can find you or share you with potential.

Professional Help You Can Depend On

Businesses inquiring about removing negative news articles in the search results, can contact the experts at BrightPast. We are professionals within the industry and use advanced software to analyze your specific needs.

We provide our clients with an in-depth assessment of our most successful strategies to remove or suppress, the news article from appearing in search results. BrightPast has everything you need to eliminate negative news articles You can get your business moving in a direction that moves forward and never has to worry about looking back with BrightPast.