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What Is an Internet Reputation Service?

Last Updated on February 11, 2021 by Bright Past

Have you ever searched your brand name? Are all the results positive? Do reviews share an accurate customer service experience, or do you have complaints that mention scams and bad business practices? If you Google “[your brand name] reviews,” what’s your rating? Google will use customer sentiment and trust as a ranking signal.

Businesses have to worry about their online reputation today because it’s so directly tied to a customer’s purchase decision. In fact, research shows that 81% of all consumers research a company in Google before making a purchase.

An Internet reputation service protects companies by monitoring brand mentions and implementing tactics to neutralize or even remove negative reviews and threats. There are also multiple tools available to moderate and monitor social pages for inappropriate phrases and “bad words” that can be automatically hidden.

At BrightPast, we provide online reputation management that jumps in and tackles defamatory comments and other threats in real-time. By responding to criticism with a proven approach, you can improve your reputation quickly and gain consumer trust.

How Internet Reputation Services Work

online reputationAn online reputation management is the same as an internet reputation service. They both serve brands by looking for threats and issues preventing a brand from ranking highly or from appearing negatively in search.

For example, your brand has a website, but when googled, your website doesn’t appear at the top of results pages. Instead, your competitor does or maybe worse, a page with a review titled “[Your Brand Name] is a SCAM” pops up first.

These cases happen to every brand once in a while, but if not handled quickly due to the limitations of cyber crime, these types of results cause your internet reputation to score poorly, leading to lower ranking and lack of customer trust.

Internet reputation services monitor all threats and actively work to neutralize poor reviews via flagging inappropriate reviews, removing comments where possible, and replying to criticms with a friendly approach that brings the conversation private.

It’s important to show customers that your business is actively trying to help customers with complaints while also putting comments into perspective for those researching and reading historic reviews.

  • For example, BrightPast uses a customized channel response library, which is specially created for each client.
  • Each library includes a protocol for response with the right contact information and brand tone to neutralize poor reviews.
  • Response libraries are also useful for replying to customers on Twitter or comments asking common questions such as FAQs about nearest airports, nutritional information, and any other questions that pop up online.

Why Poor Internet Reputation Affects Ranking

digital reputationWhen anyone searches your company name or products in Google, your website should be the first result. However, if your brand isn’t the top result, there may be a few issues happening in the background:

  • Your website isn’t indexed properly in Google
  • You have an outstanding Google penalty
  • There are no backlinks to your website

BrightPast works to resolve penalties and issues with your website to ensure that you rank at the top for brand searches. In addition, other SEO and search engine marketing strategies can be employed to help your business rank for different keywords.

Are Poor Reviews Holding Your Brand Back?

negative reviewsWhether someone left a poor review of your product on Amazon or your Google reviews have low ratings, there are ways to flag inappropriate reviews and neutralize these negative reviews so that potential customers see that these negative sentiments do not accurately represent your brand.

In other cases, you may have gone through a rebrand, changed your product formula, or even replaced a person causing customer service issues. This can be an opportunity to show potential customers online that your brand has improved based on this feedback.

Improve Reputation with Positive Content and Google Reviews

In addition, BrightPast offers a content marketing approach to replacing negative content with new, relevant web pages that will push down older, negative content.

Through email marketing and customer outreach, you can also acquire new Google reviews or Amazon reviews to improve your rating.

Guard Your Internet Reputation the Right Way

Need online reputation management help? We’re here to address issues and offer solutions to increase customer trust in your product. Get in touch today to talk about your brand and how we can help.