What Are PBNs?

All You Need to Know

PBNs, what are they?

PBN or “private blog network” is a group of websites offering backlinks to other sites, increasing its authority. The primary purpose of PBNs is to manipulate the search rankings on Google. SEOs can create PBN by buying already authoritative old domains or creating new sites; therefore, making them more profitable with increased traffic.

PBNs are linked to the central site from specific PBN networks to help boost the site’s ranking. Basically, with PBN, people think that they are in full control of the overall link-building efforts. Rather than earning links with authoritative high-quality content, this tactic helps you rank faster by manipulating Google. 


How Does PBN Work?

To put it simply, PBN works with the sole purpose of increasing the site’s ranking on Google by providing backlinks. In SEO, backlinks play a crucial role in an overall search engine ranking strategy. However, Brightpast creates backlinks organically by improving the site’s quality and foundational content, whereas PBN manipulates Google.

The tactics of PBN work by two methods. First, you can purchase a collection of some expired domains that previously have established their authority or secondly, you can register several domains at once and link all these sites to a single site that you want to rank. 

Here are a couple of reasons why PBN is used

Link Earning is Quite Difficult

Earning backlinks of high quality is quite difficult and time-consuming. Without the right efforts, right knowledge, and tactic, it may take you even longer than expected. Sometimes the results can be unpredictable even with all the efforts you put in. This is the reason why Brightpast is recommended for this type of intricate work.

We help our clients to get high-quality backlinks to their sites to improve their authority organically. Nevertheless, since link earning seems difficult, a lot of people choose an easier way of getting ranks and that is where PBN comes in. Using PBN, people on these networks are almost guaranteed that they will get backlinks in their favor. 


You Can Control Anchor Text

One of the critical factors in SEO is to manipulate your anchor text. Anchor texts are considered as text formats with a hyperlink. Usually, these anchor texts are highlighted or underlined to get people’s attention and then lead them to another page. Descriptive and relevant anchor texts can further help Google to know the page context.

This is the reason why people turn to PBNs because there are a lot of PBN owners that allow you to select those anchor texts for which you want the backlink. It becomes more accessible for people to get the necessary ranking without much effort as you can provide Google with a proper context about your page. 

Can PBN Truly Help You Rank?

There are myths that PBN can’t help you rank as it violates Google’s policy for ranking websites. However, if used correctly it can boost your ranking temporarily. As we have mentioned, you have to be careful while using PBN because, in the worst-case scenario, your rankings may be lost if Google finds out. 

Despite Google’s efforts in fighting all the unnatural links, there are shreds of evidence that PBN still works in some cases. Still, the PBN creators need to hide all the footprints so that it becomes harder for Google to identify the links and block them. That is where professional knowledge is required and Bright Past is highly recommended. 

This is why people still prefer organic backlinks as it has the power to increase your site’s authority permanently. Brightpast is one of the reputed online reputation management companies where we help our clients to rank organically using the latest and greatest SEO tactics that provide long-term results



What Are the Advantages of White Hat SEO vs PBNs?

At large, they are deemed to be the safer route to higher Google ranking because your site will not get penalized and lose authority. Organic or naturally reoccurring key

words that browsers type in the search bars come in both what is known as long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords and are used with white hat SEO tactics.

Below is a quick breakdown for both forms:

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Short-Tail Keywords: These are generally one to two words at most and are very brand and location-specific For example, “Walmart” is a one-word keyword, whereas “Walmart Corporation” is two. 

Long-Tail Keywords: This form of keyword consist of longer groups of specific words, even misspelled or not grammar-correct on purpose. As an illustration, “best steak in Texas” is considered a long-tail keyword.

Since both types are very important to rank higher in the Google search engine and need to be statically applied with the right parameters of Google indexing bots without over-saturating the keyword density ratios, it is always best to leave this type of specialized work vs using PBNs to the white hat SEO experts at Bright Past.


Contact Brightpast to Get the Best Ranking

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Brightpast has been serving clients for years, and we have extensive knowledge of the ever-changing and ever-growing industry trends and tactics. Therefore, we can help you get the most permanent ranking solutions at affordable packages that boost your rankings and get you what you want for rankings and high-quality backlinks.

Right now is the perfect time to get optimized as the technology in the markets is shifting to more people working from home and shopping. The internet is vast and large at scale, and here at Bright Past, we have the resources and industry experience to boost your ranking and increase your online presence with our specialized services.