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Tips and Tricks to Controlling Online Reputation

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

Whether you are a business, celebrity or just a regular person, your online reputation is very important. It is very similar to your credit report because it reveals your habits and character. Everyone should take the time to manage their reputation and ensure it is presenting their most authentic self. You likely Google the people you date, the companies you interview with and even old friends, so you should assume that they are doing the same with you. You want people to see you as you really are, which makes hiring a reputation management agency a great investment.
Following these five tips will help you to keep your online reputation under control:

Do a Google Search of Your Name

Your first step is to do a Google search of your name to see what is already out there about you. This search will tell you what people are saying about you, how well your content is doing and whether there are any negative posts or reviews. Be sure to search for common misspellings, variations on your first and last name, the name of the company you work for and your current job title. Googling your telephone number is useful as well. Once you have completed your searches, keep an eye on the results to see if they change. A good time frame is every three months. You can also set Google alerts for any mentions of your name, phone number or email address on the web.


Claim Your Name on Social Media

Even if you have no plans on ever using social media, you should claim your name on the major platforms. This means setting up accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Taking this action will prevent others with malicious intent from hijacking your presence later on. You should also consider buying a domain. You can set up a page there and post positive content about your life and your work. This adds strength to your personal brand while presenting you in a positive light. Owning the domain will prevent others from buying it and using it against you.

Remove Negative Photos and Content

Old photos on Facebook can come back to haunt you at inopportune times, such as during a job search. Human resource departments often Google potential hires to get a better idea of their character. If the photos are yours, you can delete them off the platform. If you are tagged in someone else’s picture, you can request to be untagged, ask that the photo be removed or change your privacy settings so that it cannot be seen by the public. You will also want to go over all of your posts and delete anything regarding drug use, drinking, being unprofessional, acting offensive or rude or bullying and threatening violence. Depending on your circumstances, you may also want to remove anything politically charged. A reputation management agency can help you with this task.

Build Your Brand

When your audit is complete, it is time to start publishing unique content to help your name rank well on search engines. You should post every week on different platforms in order to build a unique voice. This will benefit your reputation, giving you more control over how you are perceived online. The more often you post, the more difficult it is for other less positive content to overtake you in rank.

Manage Information

You can only do so much to control your reputation. People will still post negativity, which makes it important to stay on top of search results. If you find negative content about yourself, request that the site owner take it down, or untag yourself if you can. Setting Google alerts will help you to avoid reputation problems.

Everyone has a history, and it often shows up online. BrightPast is a reputation management agency that will help you to stay in control. Call 1-800-921-9704 or visit the website to explore your options.