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How To Score Your Online Reputation

Last Updated on July 28, 2021 by Bright Past

What is A Reputation Score?

An online reputation score is similar to a credit score for business owners. As the highest credit score offers an organization with certain benefits, the highest reputation score makes the consumers perceive the organization as trustworthy online. Therefore, a reputation score can either hurt or help the opportunity to multiply the revenue. 

The score helps businesses to understand their stand in the virtual world as compared to their competitors. It’s calculated based on a number of factors including the organization’s performance in online areas such as social media, reviews, visibility, reach, etc. The score can be calculated on a scale of 0 to 100. 

Between Social Media and the other many different uses of the Internet, it is a wonder there are any secrets anymore. What most people fail to realize is that all the pictures they have posted, the blogs they have written, the comments they have made on various websites or even the scandals they have been involved in will show up during a Google search of their name. It can have a negative affect on your reputation and future opportunities if left unchecked. Fortunately, there is a new reputation management company that can assist with this growing issue. If you don’t think you need it, take a moment to go through these steps and grade your reputation!

Use Google as a Resource

The good news is that everyone begins with a perfect score of 100. As you go through the steps of this reputation test, you will be subtracting points for every small infraction. The first step is to Google your name. Make sure you Google your full legal name as well as the name that everyone knows you by. If you are known by a nickname, it is important to search this name as well throughout the following steps.

Many Pictures of You Appear?

If any pictures of you immediately popped up, you may have been surprised. It is not uncommon to have pictures of yourself available through Google, because whenever there is a picture posted somewhere on the internet it could be attached to your name. If your name is somehow connected to the picture being posted, Google will tag it during your search.

For every picture of you on the first page of Google Images, subtract 10 points. You do not need to scroll down on the page. If your browser window is maximized, just count the pictures showing on the first screen. Typically, people only look at the first 10 or so links that pop up and do not bother continuing to scroll down through the rest of the images or stories.

How Many Videos of You Appear?

The next step is to look at the video tab on Google. The same rule as before applies here as well. Simply look at the first visible page. For every video containing yourself, deduct 20 points. How are you doing so far? Only a couple more steps to go to receive your reputation grade.

Keep Track of All the Negative Links

Now it is time to go back to the first page of your Google search. Tally any negative links you appear in and subtract 5 points from your score for each negative comment/article featuring your name. Don’t bother going through the additional pages, just focus on the first page of search results.

Tally Up Your Score

Now that you have deducted all the necessary points, how many are you left with? If you are the primary owner or operator for a business, the score for the business also is a reflection on you. If necessary, go back through the test following the same guidelines for your company’s name. How did you do? Were you embarrassed by any of the material floating around about you on the Web? If so, it is time to look into a reputation management company.

Reputation Management Company – BrightPast

BrightPast seeks to help professionals, celebrities and politicians improve their reputation by promoting the positive material and drown out the negative pieces that may appear during a Google search. Any one of these groups of people can easily be affected by negative press or bad publicity to the point that it affects an entire career. While the old adage, “Nobody is perfect” may be true, BrightPast helps individuals overcome the negative light they have been portrayed in to further advance their personal life as well as their professional career. They are an excellent service to use when you need to move away from the past and move towards a brighter future.