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How to Protect Your Online Reputation

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

When you own a small business, you must put in a great deal of work to build your reputation. In today’s world, that reputation can be ruined in a matter of minutes by one negative review. With the majority of people connecting to the web through mobile devices, it is very easy to find information about your business, to leave an opinion about it and to see what others have said about it. To ensure your business is represented properly, you need to take the steps outlined below or ask for the help of the best online reputation management company.

Create a Large Presence Online

Protecting the reputation of your business requires you to be proactive. This starts with creating a large presence on the web. Doing so will prevent a negative review from breaking your business. If an individual sees a bad review but also sees positive engagement on social media and the company blog, they are not likely to take the negative feedback seriously and may still become a customer.

Optimize Your Company Website

Your website should be well-designed and easy to navigate. It also needs to load very fast because potential customers will leave quickly if it does not, and speed is a ranking signal for Google. All content should be created with the best SEO techniques to position the site at the top of search results. This allows people to find your business, learn more about the value it provides and see the other places where it stands out.

Post Relevant Content

Having a company blog will boost the reputation of your business through positive content. It is proof of your knowledge and expertise in your industry and will build brand trust with your audience and customers. A blog is an easy way to share news and events while showing support for important causes. The ability for visitors to leave feedback builds trust and gives your company a human touch. Just remember to avoid polarizing viewpoints because this tone can turn people away.

Publish Testimonials

One of the best protections against negative reviews is testimonials. These can come from direct feedback or through interviews of customers by you. Success stories will encourage people to trust your business.

Watch Your Employees

While it is very important for you to watch your tone and presentation, the same goes for your employees. Your workers are the public face of your company, and inappropriate social media posts can hurt your reputation. The best approach is to have a strict social media policy that outlines what is acceptable and enforcing it without exception.

Monitor Hashtags and Use Google Alerts

Social media platforms use hashtags to sort content, and you should Google your custom tags periodically to see what people are saying about your business. You can also use Google Alerts to monitor hashtags and comments across the internet. This will help you to pinpoint negativity and take care of it before it causes problems.


Check Facebook and Google

Your Facebook business page is also crucial for reputation management. Respond to all feedback quickly, especially if it is negative. Be sure to remove any spam or invitation posts that appear in the feed. Googling the name of your business will show you how it is doing in search results. If it does not appear in the first page of results, you will need to improve the SEO of your website.

Engage with People and Other Businesses

Responding to feedback and questions quickly will show that your business cares and is focused on the needs of its customers. Sharing and retweeting positive comments will present you as active and engaged and will drive good reviews about your business.

When people hear about a business, they will turn to the internet to seek information and feedback. If you are not monitoring what is being said, your business could be at risk. BrightPast is always available to help you manage the online reputation of your company. Call 1-800-921-9704 or visit the website to explore your options.