How to Manage Your Reputation on Social Media

Last Updated on April 16, 2021 by Bright Past

Social media has revolutionized communication in more ways than can be imagined. A very good example of this incredible transformation is in marketing. Traditional word of mouth marketing has been replaced by a fast and robust modern social media version which facilitates the spread of messages through the internet to a greater audience.

This inescapable change in communication needs proper management because negative information can impact a business or an individual’s online reputation and the ramifications can be harmful. Information on social media can spread like wildfire and this is why is key in diminishing negativity on the web.

Keep reading to find out what online reputation management is and how to successfully manage reputation on social media.

What is an Online Reputation Management?

The digital age has ushered in more ways for a business to come under attack. A company’s reputation is more important than ever, and keeping it positive is a large challenge. This is because of constant scrutiny on all sides and technical vulnerabilities.

Trustpilot Online Reviews
Online Reviews on Trustpilot

Social media reputation management can mitigate such inherent risks. Proper internet reputation management should be a part of your marketing strategy to protect your brand and maintain its integrity despite threats and negativity.

Online reputation management protects a company from vulnerabilities that arise out of negative comments circulating in social media circles. Negative messages can neutralize any positive impact a business has on potential and existing customers and more importantly the brand.

Online reputation management involves strategic social media communication that is calculated to promote positive rave reviews and monitoring brand mentions online.

Online Reputation Management Definition

Online reputation management is the implementation of procedures that are calculated to define public perception about an individual or organization as viewed on the internet. The whole essence of online reputation meaning is grounded on the unanimous point of view that observers draw from an organization or individual’s online presence.

Online reputation is generally defined by:

  • Negative product or service reviews
  • Fake news and misinformation
  • Ill-timed social media responses
  • Social media engagement
  • Social media footprint

Any breaches on the above require immediate responses and resolutions so that a positive online reputation is sustained.

Online Reputation Score

online reputation scoreAn online reputation score is a measure that determines how customers perceive and rate a brand. The score helps a company, business, or any going concern determine whether their online digital footprint is healthy or not good at all. If negative, it assesses the portentous outlook negative reviews have on the brand.

Online reputation scores are collated from online public records available on Google search engine results pages and review sites on various digital platforms. The score takes into account factors like brand visibility based on search impressions, the perceptibility of negative information online, and customer rating based on reviews.

Online Reputation Strategy

Businesses should have a solid online reputation strategy that enables them to pre-determine what others see about them when they search about their brands or businesses online. This is because a greater majority of customers read and rely on online reviews just as much as they would on word-of-mouth advertising.

One strategy that should not be overlooked is that of hiring an online reputation management agency. Setting Google alerts will help individuals avoid reputation problems.

Controlling Online Reputation

Controlling online reputation requires actionable steps. Social media has empowered people and made them more savvy and adept at getting information about brands online.

There are online reputation articles that guide users on how to manage and control their online reputations from the tide of negativity and misapprehension.

Controlling online reputation entails the following steps:

  • Doing a name search on Google and establishing whether there are any posts or reviews to that effect.
  • Removing and expunging negative images and published social media content.
  • Building brand information through an online reputation management agency.
  • Managing the information posted on sites and where possible requesting that it be removed by those who post them.

Online reputation is very similar to a credit report. Everyone should take the time to manage their reputation and ensure it is presenting their most authentic self. Companies and individuals new to reputation management may do well to read online reputation articles.

Where to Get the Best Online Reputation Management?

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