How to Keep Corporate Credentials Off the Dark Web

Last Updated on December 5, 2022 by Bright Past

Corporate credentials are one of the top tools that hackers use for breaking into a business network. It is done with the intent to extract financial rewards by blackmailing the business heads. Unfortunately, the number of data breaches and exposed corporate credentials is rising rapidly with no signs of stopping any time soon.

The consequences of exposed credentials on the dark web are just not limited to financial losses only but access to the company’s login details can lead to reputation damage along with a loss of intellectual property. This is why it’s highly important for businesses to know how to keep personal information private and safe.

There are a few steps taken by the best reputation management company to ensure that the confidential log-in credentials of any corporates remain safe and secure. Let’s continue reading to find out how.


What is the Dark Web?


The dark web is basically a part of the world wide web that’s not yet indexed by the search engine. Since it’s intentionally hidden, you will need a specific browser to access them. For corporates, it’s highly important to monitor this part of the web to ensure their credentials are not auctioned off.

Sometimes removing info from Google isn’t enough if the credentials have already been leaked to the hackers. This is why having a managed reputation service provider is too crucial to have on your side to avoid such damages. When it comes to removing and suppressing negative content, no one does it better than Bright Past.


How to Keep Personal Information Private


Apart from removing negative Google content, there are a few other steps that can be taken to keep your corporate credentials and personal information safe.

Here’s how to keep personal information private:


  • The top-tier reputation management company has been warning people to use strong and unique passwords for nearly a decade now. However, to keep your information private, make sure you don’t use the same passwords twice.
  • Use a Google removal tool for removing info from Google. Generally, all hackers monitor every activity you do online. So, it’s best to remove any traces to keep the information safe.
  • Enable multi-factor authentication to add a layer of protection. It makes it more difficult and nearly impossible for hackers to log in when this authentication is enabled.


These are a few ways to keep your information private and safe. If you’re unable to conduct the processes on your own, it’s best to take advice from professionals.


Reputation Management Services for Removing Info From Google


Removing info from Google, updating passwords regularly, creating unique passwords, and providing safety-training programs to employees may seem an easy task. However, when things should be done on a regular basis, it can get a bit challenging.

This is why Bright Past is here to help you not only with removing negative Google content by using a Google removal tool but to save you from any reputation damage. Contact us now to keep your credentials in safe hands.