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How Often Does Google Update Search Results?

Last Updated on October 5, 2023 by Bright Past

If you have a website, it is crucial to know how frequently Google updates its search results. The truth is that Google updates the search results constantly. The search bots crawl and index all of the websites and pages regularly. As the bots crawl and discover updated content, they index it and rank your website accordingly.

Although it is considered good for SEO if Google crawls your site on alternative days, the crawl rate may depend on different factors. However, the professionals follow a few steps to enable the bots to crawl and index your site frequently. It includes keyword optimization, internal linking, high-quality backlink building, etc.

Along with crawling and indexing, the quality of information shown on the first page of the search result is also critical. Let’s continue reading to explore more about Google and its updated search results.


What Are Google Suppression Services?

Google suppression services are a part of online reputation management where professionals take necessary actions to remove unwanted content from the search results. It is achieved by improving the SEO and pushing positive content to bury the negative ones.

It should come as no big surprise that many people feel a certain kind of way about a product or service they paid for that isn’t as advertised or had a bad customer service experience. As a result, they leave negative comments about your business so others can see it.

Having Google suppression services with a vetted managed reputation company such as Bright Past can help bury negative comments and restore your online reputation.

google searchThe way Google suppression services work include:

  • The professionals first prioritize removing outdated content from Google as part of their suppression services. It’s because any outdated content not only provides false information but also it is harmful to a brand’s reputation. One way to do this is to write a steady flow of new content.
  • Another way important step of suppression services is to remove unwanted content. The trick is to create positive content about the brand to enable users to know more about the products or services offered. With online reputation services, you get professional help where you need it the most.
  • According to most suppression service providers, removing negative content is a critical part of overall online reputation management because it tarnishes your online reputation completely. You can offset that by deploying a managed online reputation company that is equipped to handle a variety of online issues.
  • Online reputation services become a critical tool for anyone operating a business and running a website. One bad comment can hurt your business and lead other potential buyers away to a different company to purchase their products and services.

Above are a few ways that suppression services work. However, removing outdated content from Google or suppressing negative content by using Google tools isn’t an easy task. Therefore, using professional services is the best route.


Where Can I Get the Best Google Suppression Services?

Google suppression services are a critical part of managed SEO services or typical reputation management. Since people are using the internet more and more, the first page of the search result should contain positive information about your brand. Otherwise, people won’t perceive your brand as authoritative.

For removing negative content without implementing any wrong and harmful method, Bright Past is here to help. We are the best online reputation management service provider in business, helping clients to grow their online presence by burying the negative content. To know more, contact us today, and let’s get started.