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How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

One of the most problematic issues associated with Online Reputation Management services is determining fair pricing. This issue only grows more worrisome if you don’t have an exact idea of what services you are looking for. Some companies will offer cheap services knowing full well that it won’t solve your issues.

Other companies will charge ridiculously expensive rates, making it nearly impossible to afford their services. With this in mind, how can you determine which reputation management companies offer a fair price for their service packages? Here’s a few tips on what to look for in reputation management pricing.

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Ways to Determine Fair Reputation Management Pricing

Reputable vs. Disreputable Pricing. One of the first things you’ll want to look for is determining whether or not reputation management companies are offering reputable or disreputable pricing for their services. In other words, if a service sounds disorganized, for example no time frame is given, there’s vague process description, or no mention of client-oriented solutions, then you may be experiencing disreputable pricing. In this case, online reputation management companies aren’t interested in fixing your solutions, instead they are invested in trying to squeeze as much money out of your pocket as they can. This is where it is essential to make sure you are being charged for services at a Reputable price. Reputation management agencies should be direct and honest with you when discussing pricing. In an industry such as Online Reputation Management, it is really important that there is a constant flow of communication between client and company. There should be absolutely no discrepancies in what services are going to be offered or the amount of time it is going to take to complete the project.
Calculating Service Prices. When working with reputable online reputation management agencies, each and every client’s needs and wants are unique. There is no “one solution fixes all issues” approach to online reputation management and if a company proclaims that to be true beware of disreputable pricing. As a result, pricing is subsequently unique to every client. Here are the main determiners that can help influence the amount of money it takes to solve a particular reputation problem.
Magnitude of the Issue. Perhaps the most obvious price factor, understanding the severity of a reputation issue is one of the first steps in determining service costs. For example, if you have a negative link on webpages with high amounts of daily traffic you’re issue will be more difficult and/or expensive to correct, than let’s say a negative link leading to a dead webpage.
Required Amount of Effort Needed to Remedy Issue. Never forget that reputation management is a time-based service and you should be charged accordingly. Typical reputation management campaigns take roughly 100 to 200 hours of work to fix depending on the severity. Whether it be personalizing your domain, finding ways to delete negative comments and reviews, creating client-tailored content, or developing strong social media profiles, there’s a lot for online reputation management companies to consider when formulating solutions. Correspondingly, be aware of the fact that the more severe the reputation issue, the more you should be expected to pay.

List of Helpful Questions on Fair Pricing

Here are a few questions you should have when researching online reputation management costs. These are a few of the thoughts that should be on your mind before deciding between online reputation management agencies.


All in all, when researching prices between reputation management companies, it is essential that you do your due diligence. As it was previously discussed, solutions to online reputation damage are expensive, making it all the more necessary that an adequate amount of research must be done prior to making a decision. Avoid companies who aren’t completely transparent with you on how they can fix your problem or the subsequent cost of fixing your problem. Good reputation management agencies are up-front with their thought process on what solutions will work best, how long it will take to implement those solutions, and how those solutions will come to fruition. Always remember, repairing online reputations is a daunting task that takes immense amounts of time, focused work, and effort. Having said that, it is still entirely possible to find a reliable reputation management company if you are asking the right questions.