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How Internet Reputation Management Can Improve Your Business

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

The digital age has ushered in more ways for a business to come under attack. A company’s reputation is more important than ever, and keeping it positive is a large challenge. This is because of constant scrutiny on all sides and technical vulnerabilities. Proper Internet reputation management should be a part of your marketing strategy to protect your brand and maintain its integrity despite threats and negativity.


Improve Online Reviews

It takes years to build a strong and respected reputation and only a few minutes to destroy it. A single poor review from a customer, an employee or a competitor who wants to slander you can have a negative impact on your business. An online reputation management company will help you by gathering new positive reviews about your company that will push the negative feedback down in search engine results where they are less likely to be seen. Review management is a proactive approach that addresses negative reviews before they can hurt your company. This is done by close monitoring and immediate response to reviewers, websites and feedback that contain negativity.

Suppress Unwanted Content

Your business will be judged by where and how it appears on the first page of Google search results. Think of this page like a business card. The problem with this is you have no control over what others say about your company, and it will appear in search engine results even if it is not true. This is why you need Internet reputation management to limit the impact that negative search results have on your brand. The main goal of reputation management is to build a barrier around your business by suppressing negative results. This is achieved by creating a positive presence along with content in order to place your brand in the best possible light. In a short time, Google will show only accurate and positive information, and you will be fully in charge of your company’s appearance online. No one else will be able to control the image of your business. Even if your front-page results are currently good, this could change quickly, and you must be proactive to limit the damage. Negativity will happen, sooner or later. It is not a matter of if, but when.

What You Can Do

Online reputation management only works with your cooperation. You must be willing to be present and work hard across many platforms to get the best results. The most important aspect is a fast response to poor reviews and angry customers. You will come across as a company that cares, and this will go a long way to solving problems and protecting your business. If you do not already have a company blog, you should start one and post about company news, especially uplifting stories about community service by employees and any donations your business has made. Be sure to place these posts across social media where they can be shared quickly and have a chance to go viral. Allow comments on the blog posts to encourage feedback and ensure that either you or a company representative is present to reply.

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