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When it comes to managing online reputations the process revolves around content. After all, it is the negative content that is available to the public that gives people bad online reputations in the first place. Don’t feel defeated though, as there are numerous paths to suppressing, or pushing down said negative content on Google SERP. Without further delay, let’s go over some of the most effective ways to suppress negative content in Google SERP.

In today’s digital age, employers, customers, and even business associates all use Google to research businesses and people alike in hopes of discovering more about them, good or bad. Having said that, Google is now used to research prospective employees, network with other local businesses around you, and most importantly engage with customers. In totality, Google heavily influences one’s online reputation, so it’s important to constantly manage it.


Effective Ways to Suppress Negative Content in Google​

Link Building

There are a couple of ways in which link building that can help improve an online reputation in different ways. Firstly, you can reach out to private blog networks (PBNs) via email or phone in an effort to gain some links in positive content. Secondly, you can use multiple social media platforms to promote content that needs to be ranked. This is also known as using Web 2.0.

Exact Domain Match

If available, this is one of the best, most efficient ways to boost your rankings. For those who are unfamiliar, exact match domains are domains that precisely match the keywords being ranked. For example, if you were a steel company titled Blue Steel, an exact match domain would be The main issue here is sometimes the domain you’re looking for has already been taken, rendering an exact domain match useless. For those who are able to create an exact match domain, placing a few relevant links and adding some positive content should result in improved rankings.

Partial Domain Match

Similar to exact match domains, partial match domains are domains that include keywords that are to be ranked, yet it doesn’t exclusive have the keyword in the domain by itself. For example, our imaginary steel company Blue Steel would look for domains such as or, versus just

Content Removal Settlement

The simplest route to pushing negative content down Google SERP is by deleting the entirety of the content itself on whatever webpages it is present on. There is a downside to wanting to remove content instead of trying to suppress it and that is price. Owners of websites that negative content is placed on can and will charge outrageous fees to remove the content from their website. Therefore, most times the option to delete negative content is available, however it will definitely cost a pretty penny to do. After all, if there wasn’t a catch to deleting negative content entirely everyone would do it!

Business Directories

Business directories are a proven way to help rank a business better. Sites like Manta and YellowPages host an assortment of companies in their directories. Others can review listings and become more informed of the businesses operating around them. In turn, businesses with listings can network more efficiently as well. 

Premium Content

Otherwise known as paid article placement, premium content can be a vessel to quick, organic rankings if done properly. Similar to content removal, the catch to premium content is the price. Some article placements can cost well into the thousands, making the viability of consistent premium content creation cloudy at best. If the budget can afford it, premium content can be the centerfold of any reputation management campaign

Review Existing Content

When trying to find ways to improve an online reputation, don’t overlook making updates to previously published content, whether that be old posts on a blogroll or social media account. Sites like Page Optimizer Pro give you great feedback on what a webpage needs to rank better. Be sure to check all relevant tags and categories, as well as optimizing images if applicable and creating a nice meta description. 


As you can see, there are a plethora of ways to suppress negative content on Google. From reaching out to private blog networks to paying for premium content, you can take your reputation management campaign in any number of directions. Take advantage of the tips listed above and find yourself being better at Google Reputation Management in the future