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Get to Know Your Customers Day Can Drive Your Business

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

Connecting with your customers is one of the best ways to drive business and increase word of mouth awareness about what you do. Reputation matters in the digital age, and how you interact with and learn from your customers on their very first visit does too.

Regardless of how well a business is run, a whopping 68 percent of customers cite indifference or a lack of appreciation for taking their money elsewhere.

National Get to Know Your Customers Day, which falls annually on the 3rd Thursday of each quarter, is an opportunity to show how much you appreciate both your new and most loyal customers.

Using your company’s presence to connect with the community in which you live and work will engage your customers in a positive experience they will remember and share.

Engage Customers

Using social media to engage customers is a popular way to learn more about them. Events, polls, and customer stories are readily shared on social media sites and can be a driving force for customer satisfaction and keep your business top of mind.

Ditch the sales pitches and take the time to reach out to customers in a thought-provoking and relevant way. First, listen to your customers for common topics of discussion or unique ways to show appreciation.

For example, a family fitness center might offer a discounted “parents night out” during a holiday season or coincide with an adult event.

Reward Customers

Many businesses offer rewards to repeat customers via discounts, free items or services, coupons, and more.

Find a unique way to treat your customers that are relevant to the company’s mission.

If your business is an eco-friendly coffeehouse, consider offering free reusable mugs after a dozen purchases. Remember that the goal is to make customers feel appreciated and to give them a reason to return often.

Programs that reward loyalty are successful for small business 64 percent of the time.

Invite Customers to Events

Offering community events free or at a reduced charge to the community, draws customers to your storefront, restaurant, or party space and enables more casual conversations that highlight the needs of your patrons.

Events provide a myriad of ways to gauge your customer base and empower them to take part in the growth of your business. Offer surveys, games, and giveaway contests to highlight unique products and services, like new classes at a gym or an award-winning entree at a restaurant.

Drive Customer Reviews

While you often can’t control the tone of a review, it is important to always reach out to the customer who took the time to review your business. Use the feedback to evaluate and improve your business and your relationship with the customer.

Reviews are yet another way to engage all customers, so remember to thank those who leave positive reviews and to discuss their experience.

Review sites are plentiful and included within a simple Google search. Be sure to manage your reviews in all sites relevant to your business location and popular in your community.

While National Get to Know Your Customers Day can motivate businesses to connect with their community each quarter, it is also a reminder of how to offer appreciation and foster relationships with each and every customer encounter.

Customer relationships rely upon maintaining a stellar online presence.

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