Common Misconceptions About Reputation Management

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In today’s world of computers, smartphones, and tablets, there isn’t much about a person’s life that isn’t online. This includes businesses. From your small town grocery store to big chain department stores, reviews are abundant on any search engine.Running a Business Reputation Management Unfortunately, the reviews aren’t always favorable; and, in some cases, can be outright damaging. Most people now use search engines for everything including: where to eat, the best hotel, or the best place to have their oil changed. One bad review, even in the midst of many good reviews, can deter a potential customer. This is where hiring a reputation management company can be a valuable step in the success of your business.

Minimizing Bad Reviews

Large corporations have long used public relation experts to keep their reputations solid. However, with today’s fast-paced social media frenzy, all businesses are at risk of having their reputation tarnished by one or more bad reviews. Small business owners are especially at risk. The thought of periodically checking their online reviews may never cross their mind, until it’s too late.

It takes a lot of time and effort to grow a business, and just minutes to destroy it with negative information. Reputation management companies can help minimize bad reviews concerning your business.

We want to see businesses, large and small, succeed. And, we believe knowledge can be powerful. Below, we discuss a few misconceptions people may have about online reputation management.

Online Reputation Positive FeedbackMany people believe that once something is posted on the internet, it’s there forever. While in some cases this may be true, there are ways to erase negative or untrue statements. Reputation management can assist you in removing some or all negative content. And, in the process, increase the positive.

Some business owners believe reputation management will take up too much of their time. In reality, very little of your time is needed. Maintaining positive feedback and keeping a watchful eye on comments about your business is our job. There’s nothing more important than the success of your business.

Some people believe they have no control over what is posted online about them or their company. This simply isn’t true. It’s within the business owner’s power to carefully monitor their customer service and products. And, when it does happen that a customer is dissatisfied, talk with them to see if their problem can be resolved. Many times the customer will write another review or post a comment explaining how you helped correct the situation.

There are business owners that believe simply removing bad reviews will keep their reputation in good standing. Unfortunately, it takes more than just removing them from the company website. People tend to post their grievances with a company on social media. Reputation Management CommunicationThat is where communication with the dissatisfied customer is crucial.

Our reputation management company, BrightPast, believes that every business deserves the chance to succeed and stay successful. We will locate and remove as much negative information as possible. And, we will guide you to replace it with positive information. Maintaining a good online reputation is more important than it’s ever been. BrightPast wants only excellent results when your company or brand name is searched online. Contact us today, and learn the many ways we can help you. You can rest easy knowing you’re doing everything possible to keep your business succeeding. We look forward to working with you.