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Best Way to Push Down Undesired Search Results

Last Updated on March 17, 2021 by Bright Past

Brand building can be a tedious job. Most people invest a lot of money into creating positive content for a good name for their businesses. Unfortunately, the good content and positive information can easily be overshadowed by negative content.

For every online entity, reputation management is very key for business success. Most people use too much time and resources trying to undesired search results online. While it is possible to remove negative content online, in some cases it is not possible. What is certainly possible is to push down undesired search results.

For those wondering how to remove negative content from Google search results, keep on reading as we look at the ways to get rid of negative search results.

What Are Undesired Search Results?

Negative search results mainly refer to any content showing up when web users search for information about any brand. Every search will bring forth negative and positive content. The undesired search results usually include online reviews, comments, and posts that may paint a brand in a bad light.

Search results that display undesired information online can have detrimental effects on the person with the bad news stories. In some cases, the impacts can be so dramatic that individuals often seek counseling services.

How to Remove Search Engine Results


google search resultsRemoving specific search engine results is never easy. Most search engines go through a rigorous process of ranking to provide the content that shows up on top pages. As a result, any attempts to remove the result from search engines may not be easy.

If it is absolutely necessary to have a specific result removed, there are four options:

  • Remove the information from your websites if it is within your capacity.
  • Contact the website owner and request them to remove the information.
  • If the site violets google policies, ask Google to remove it.
  • Take legal action if the content is unlawful.

It is easy to remove negative content from Google search if it’s part of your website or blog. For information owned by a third party, the process can be quite challenging. It could involve contacting the content owner or having authorities take over.

How Do I Get Something Removed From Google Search?

In case the information is owned by a third party there is a process to be followed. First, search for the site owner by typing the name in the Google search bar.

This search will provide the contact information of the host and owners of the website. Contact them and request to have the undesired search results removed. In cases where they refuse, contact Google or the search engine in question. Just write them a message saying remove google search results about me from a specific site.

How to Eliminate Search Results in Google

google search Eliminating undesired search results mainly means having the content entirely plucked out of the internet. The simplest way to remove negative content from google search involves removing the content itself or rendering it illegal.

Since the elimination of search results is not easy, the best option when dealing with undesired search results is to hide Google search results. One of the exploitative removal practices is by creating more positive and relevant content than the available negative information. This way, most people stumble on the positive content first.

To eliminate undesired search results, the following practices can be implemented:

  • Optimize the creation of high-quality content.
  • Optimize on press releases.
  • Build additional web properties that offer third-party services such as s reviews.
  • Employ Online Reputation Management tools ORM.

With these simple steps, it is possible to push the undesired search results to the third or even fifth page of search engines. The process of pushing such content from the first page will require time.

How to Bury Google Search Results for Good?

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