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Attract Talent With a Positive Employer Reputation

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

When you think of branding and defining your reputation online, your mind likely turns to the products that your company sells and the services that it offers. However, in order to or in the online world, you need to have strong employees. To attract strong employees, your employer brand must be positive. Before going on interviews or accepting job offers, some prospective employers visit the internet to read about other people’s experiences working there. If they read negative information, they may quickly decline the offer or skip the interview.

Know Where You Stand

Trying to resolve issues with employer branding can prove difficult, and doing so is even more challenging when you do not know what the current perceptions are. Find out what employees are saying about you on the internet.

While you do need to read these reviews with a critical eye, understanding that some employees may never find satisfaction at a job, you also have to take them into account in a serious way. These concerns are out there on the internet.

If, for example, one particular complaint about your company keeps arising, take the time necessary to resolve it.

Define Your Business Center

One way to attract the right candidates is to have a model of what your business stands for. To let prospective employees know how you operate and what you care about, you first need to discuss these core values within the company.

Generating feedback from employees is useful. You may want to have a group of people distribute surveys and interview employers to see what they think. Putting together a small team of workers to specialize in this area is wise. Then, you can consider molding these values into a mission statement so that interested parties can quickly assess if you are a potential right for them.

Implement Your Core Values

Once you have decided what you want the core values to be, you must create actionable ways to put them into play. Otherwise, you are likely to find reviews on the internet saying that your company puts on false pretenses to attract employees.

For example, you might say that your company values group work and strong rapport between employees and different departments. However, if you never inspire social events for your employees, they might just think that you are making things up.

Inspire Reviews

When you have a formidable backbone to your company, you want employees to talk about it on the internet. Reading the policies of individual review sites is important because you do not want to violate any terms by encouraging your employees to review the company. If the policy allows you to do so, you may want to let your employees know that such sites exist; not everyone is aware of that.

The only way for reviews to find a place on the internet is for people to actually create them. Once reviews start to appear online, you can check them out to see if the improvements that you hoped for have come to fruition.

Respond if Possible

Depending upon the platform, you may have the opportunity to return to reviews about your company. Taking the time to thank employees for positive reviews so that you do care about the feedback that you receive and that you are grateful for your employees. These qualities can prove attractive to interested parties. Furthermore, you can take the time to respond to negative reviews in a professional manner.

When people enter into a new job, they generally do not expect perfection from the environment as they realize such a label is often unrealistic.

However, they do want to know that the employers take their concerns seriously and are eager to address their problems. Establishing your company as one that takes these positive actions in response to negative feedback can help you to attract some of the top potential employees in the field.

Whether you are trying to sell your products or to encourage people to come work for you, having a strong reputation online is exceedingly important.

When you have the latter goal on your mind, speak to a representative from BrightPast to begin better building your reputation.