Are Your Google Business Profile Views Dropping? Here’s Why!

Last Updated on May 9, 2023 by Bright Past

Recently, Google tweaked its way of counting and tracking GBP views. As a result, millions of people have seen a massive drop in their Google business profile listing views. However, Google didn’t bring a drastic change in its algorithm. Rather, they have simply changed how your views will be counted moving forward.

Earlier, with the previous counting methods, the views were counted even if your profile appeared on a user’s end screen while browsing Google map results or search results. This is why views were typically greater in numbers as compared to the new API. Now, the view means the number of times a unique user watches your profile in a single day.

Therefore, even if the user watches your business profile a dozen times, it will still be counted as one. This is the reason why Google reputation management becomes more and more significant to keep yourself at the forefront of your audience. Let’s continue reading to know more,


What Are Google Business Profile Views?

Google business profile views are impressions on your profile listings. The number of times a user watches your listing, it’s counted as an impression and that is how the views were calculated until the recent update. Since these views play a significant role in your visibility on Google, it’s time to focus on online reputation management.

To keep up your GBP views and increase them over time, here are a few practical tips:


Focus on Google Reputation Management

Online reputation management is one of the most crucial components of a successful business strategy. Even with the recent and upcoming updates from Google, if you are able to maintain a rock-solid online reputation, with the help of professionally managed reputation services, your business growth will never remain stagnant.


Google Outdated Content Removal

Google outdated content removal is the most important factor in the overall Google reputation management. If there is outdated information on your website, it makes others lose trust in your business. Since website information is a critical ranking signal, it can negatively impact your GBP views as well as your business.


Use More Videos & Photos

As technology is upgrading, it’s time to alter your customer’s experiences while they’re watching your Google business profile. Therefore, you can use high-quality videos and photos that not only attract more users to view your profile but also helps you build trust.

Above are just a few of the ways you can stay up-to-date with GBP and increase your views even with the recent update. Today more and more people are leaning toward online reputation management for better online reputations and even Google business profile reviews.


How to Get the Best Google Reputation Management?

There’s a Google removal tool available to users to remove negative Google content or for Google outdated content removal; however, you can’t beat a professional’s skill and knowledge. This is why Bright Past, one of the most reliable managed reputation services is here to provide you with the best results.

Having the industry experience and knowledge of the growing trends in Google updates, we have the experts to help you grow your business online regardless of anything you may encounter. For any information related to GBP or Google outdated content removal, contact us today and see what Bright Past can do for you.