reasons why you need reputation management

4 Reasons You Need Reputation Management

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Bright Past

As a business owner, it is important to know that 84 percent of online shoppers trust the reviews of other people as much as they trust recommendations made personally to them. The world now lives in the digital age, which means information travels faster than it ever has in human history. Whether it is product reviews or service ratings, clients post their opinions on social media platforms and blogs that provide immediate visibility. This is why your company needs online reputation management (ORM). A well-constructed ORM strategy will give you insights into what is working and what needs improvement while protecting your brand.

The following explains four reasons why you should invest in ORM.

Presenting a Positive Front

The reputation of your company depends on how it is viewed by investors, workers and consumers. It only takes one negative social media post or online review to undo years of hard work. If you are not prepared to handle a viral tweet or Facebook post immediately, your business could suffer damage that will be difficult or even impossible to reverse. This is why you must have an ORM strategy in place for situations like this. Either you or someone you appoint should respond to the feedback immediately, or it may seem like your company does not care. This is not a message you ever want to send. Reputation management optimization will help your business to always present its best face. It will also make you look like a leader in your industry and give your competition something to think about.

Building a Foundation of Trust and Credibility

Regardless of how well you run your business, there will inevitably be a bad review that you will need to address. This can happen on an industry website or on social media. While negative feedback may deter a few potential customers, not responding to it will have a bigger and more long-term impact on your company. When people search companies online, they will check to see if there are complaints that a business has not replied to or attempted to resolve. This may make them think twice about doing business with you if you have not managed a situation properly with an unhappy customer. Always acknowledge negative reviews and let the customer know that you take it seriously. This action helps to restore confidence in your brand.

Knowing What Customers Need

The strength of your business is based on how well it is meeting the needs of customers. Online reviews are an excellent guideline to the things your company is doing right and the areas where it could be doing better. By looking over all of the complaints about your business, you can spot repeating patterns and gain insight into where you need to adapt. This will improve your bottom line, and customers will appreciate you taking their views seriously. They will feel like they are a vital part of your business, which creates a pleasant rapport and loyalty to your brand.



Being a Strong and Thoughtful Leader

When you are looking outward to manage your company’s reputation, do not forget to look inward. While the opinions of customers are important, what you are saying is crucial as well. Ensure that all of the content that you place on social media and blog posts is targeted, relatable and relevant. Check that trending words and hashtags are in alignment with the values and goals of your company. If there are any doubts, do not use the hashtag or even skip posting altogether. There will be other opportunities at more appropriate times.

Online reputation management is a must in the digital business world. If you need help with ORM, BrightPast is standing by to help you present your company in the best possible light. Call 800-921-9704 or visit the website to get started.